Video Games Are No Longer Bad for Children

video gamesVideo games are no longer bad for children. Video games have always had a bad reputation when it comes to parents of young children. The themes in games are often related to guns, violence, and girls in skimpy clothes, all topics and images a young boy should not be exposed to. Parents will immediately associate video games with these bad messages and forbid children from playing them. However, video games are becoming more educational and beneficial now as opposed to detrimental.

The Center for Educational Technology did a research study on the benefits of video games using more than 1,000 children and young adults. The results of the study offered evidence that video games provided children with learning in both a cognitive and interpersonal way. One of the researchers discussed how video games expose children to a variety of content including language, math, and history. He also emphasized how in video games children lose sometimes, and this teaches them about failure, something children are not often given lessons on. Kids are always encouraged to win, be that at sports or in school with their grades. However, failure is inevitable and when a child has no experience with dealing with failure it may be hard to understand. Losing at video games is a form of failing, and it gives children the drive to do better and win the next round, a good life skill. Video games offer second chances, a psychological factor that offers peace at mind to kids who can feel comfort in the fact that they can try again. This is more reflective of real life and how failing is not the end, there are always more chances to try again and be better.

One adolescent who participated in the study mentioned how playing video games improved his coördination and general knowledge. Another spoke on how video games offer the freedom to be absolutely anything, whether that is a hero who saves a city or a villain who brings danger. Parents were still not impressed with the study, but researchers emphasized how a child playing video games is not just sitting in front of a television gaining nothing. Children playing video games are learning many significant lessons that are just as beneficial as the information they learn in school, proving that video games are no longer bad for children.

Video games are no worse than the toys being advertised to children in stores. Children’s toys can also promote violence, a concern of parents with video games. The reason that digital violence is not as bad as games that are physically violent is because there are also many positive values being learned in digital games. Video games are becoming an effective way for children to gain valuable information and life lessons.

Video games are providing children with the necessary skills they need for their adult years. Previous misconceptions about video games being a distraction for children are put to rest as there are now more pros than cons. Parents can feel ease when their child plays a video game, understanding that there is educational information being taught in the games. Video games are no longer bad for children and can teach them valuable lessons they cannot acquire anywhere else.

Opinion by Amena S. Chaudhri

Huffington Post
The Times of Israel

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