What Is Up With Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj

New York City’s own favorite rapper/songstress Nicki Minaj is sporting a new look that is well becoming and fabulously appropriate. The bodacious beauty seems to be keeping things quite subtle these days according to her Instagram page. What is up with Nicki Minaj? What’s gotten into her? Fans are most definitely wondering what has gotten this fashion rebel away from her fun yet peculiar costume-like outfits and why. Could the wild and bold rapstress be settling down? Could she be thinking about having a kid, or could this be an introduction of a new and refined Nicki? According to her Instagram followers, the new look is humbly appreciated.

Since Nicki Minaj, born Onika Tanya Maraj dropped her first mixtape, Playtime is Over, in 2007 she has always made a statement whether if in her lyrics or what she is wearing. Nicki has always used her fashion sense to express her current mood. If she is feeling pink the media can expect to see her dressed in an all pink Emilio Pucci bubble wrap dress or if she’s feeling dark she’ll be caught parading a fitted Nun’s costume, and a pair of spunky heels with a smoked-out eye. Nicki ravers are exhilarated by the rappers classic look. Nicki is still keeping it coming in a new sophisticated kind of way.

Nicki showed up to the premiere of The Other Woman and wowed everyone there according to various media reports. She wore a very eloquent cream-colored dress that complimented her shape to perfection. She wasn’t wearing pink hair either! Her hair was black and natural, slit evenly down the middle of her crown, and it fell over her shoulders like waterfalls. She was a sight to see and in turn was very shocking. Hollywood peers seem to appreciate Nicki however she comes but this look is impressive and new. Some may think her usual wardrobe has been a bit overboard so she is finally turning it down a notch. While this new look has Nicki Minaj on the up, what can fans expect next?

Minaj wore a sheer cropped topped with pasties only covering what was not left to the imagination. The high-waisted pants she wore were sleek and classy although she dared to bare a little still. The rapper knows how to keep it sizzling for her fans in spite of her new found look. Nicki knows how to steal a show and still be classy!

Minaj has made her mark in the industry so it doesn’t really matter what she wears but viewers seem to admire and appreciate the natural Nic. Since the rapper has tapped into acting, she appears to come off a little more subtle and conservative. Fans never know what Nicki has coming next as she always seems to keep her fans on the edge of their seats. Nicki never fails her fans no matter what route she takes. She is always up on the latest trends and what is new. This new ladylike look can be expected to linger for a while, unless the tenacious star has a change of heart! Fans may may not know what is up with Nicki Minaj and this new look, but then seem to love it.

Opinion By Erica Sandifer




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