Young People Get New Location in ‘Red Band Society’ [Video]

Red Band Society

This fall, viewers will get to learn about a group of a young people who live in a different location, the pediatric ward of Ocean Park Hospital. They will discover about these young children and teenagers from the narrator, a 12-year-old patient in a coma named Charlie. Fox says in their summary that the Red Band Society is unconventional, comic and provocative. The company also states that the new show is both a drama and comedy with a unique tone. Kelly West, writer for Television Blender, says that the show takes on an adolescent view that is not commonly explored on the small screen. West also notes that this is Fox’s way to return to the young-adult genre from a different angle.

Dream Works, Amblin Television, owned by Steven Spielberg, and American Broadcast Company Studios produced Red Band Society. It stars Griffin Gluck (Back in the Game and Private Practice) as Charlie. It also stars Octavia Spencer (The Help) who plays Nurse Jackson.

Melissa Maerz, a television critic for Entertainment Weekly, said that Margaret Nagle, the producer for Boardwalk Empire, produced the show and might bring it poignancy. Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey are also executive producers for the show. Sergio Aguero produces the show and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, director of American Horror Story, directs the pilot.

Red Band Society

Fox made a script commitment for the new show in November. The company will be creating a series-prototype along with extra scripts in January. The American Broadcasting Company developed the show two years ago with Marta Kauffman as the writer. Fox, who tried to get the series but lost to the American Broadcast Company, won back the series this year with Nagle as their writer.

The show, set in a typical location, is a remake of a Spanish comedy/drama that aired on TV3 in 2011 called Polseres vermelles (The Red Band Society). Aguero brought the show to the talent agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME), a couple of weeks after it aired on TV3. He said the show’s humanity and humor amazed him. Aguthero also said Red Band Society blew him away by how real and life-inspiring it is. The story’s plot will focus on friendship, the want to overcome the danger of death and the desire to live. Within the group of young people, there will be six personas: the handsome one, the girl, the second leader, the leader, the indispensable and the clever one.

Red Band Society is a new series that tells the story of a group of young people in an unusual location, a pediatric ward. These people are battling all manners of conditions, which viewers will note by their red hospital bands. They are monitored by Nurse Jackson, played by Octavia Spencer, who is a tough but good-natured nurse. Viewers will be able to watch the series, beginning in the fall, when it will air on Fox on Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

By Jordan Bonte


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