5 Seconds of Summer Epic Suprise for Fans on Jimmy Kimmel [Video]

5 Seconds of Summer, Jimmy Kimmel

One of today’s hottest bands is 5 Seconds of Summer and they made their first appearance on an American Talk Show, and that show was Jimmy Kimmel Live where they surprised fans in the most epic way. Originally from Australia, they formed the group in 2011 and members include Luke the lead singer and guitarist, Michael who plays guitar and also sings, Calum, bass guitar and singer and Ashton who is the band’s drummer and of course, also sings. These guys are much more than a singing, dancing boy band, they worked hard to get where they are at, and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. The teen heart throbs started out on YouTube and became minor internet celebrities by doing cover songs from a variety of relevant artists. Their fame took off after touring with One Direction, and putting out their own music, and they are now pop stars in their own right. Fans the world over have come out in droves to vote for 5 Seconds of Summer to win and be named, MTV’s Hottest Summer Super Star. For such new success they are ranked number 3 on the countdown with almost six million votes to date. (see Guardian Liberty Voice article below)

With an almost fanatical following of young girls, the boys gave some of their fans the surprise of their life with the help of Jimmy Kimmel. Girls lined the lot of the hit late night show beginning the day before, and it is just amazing to see the turn out. (see video below) 5 Seconds of Summer do not disappoint, and take interacting with their fans to the next level indeed. Everyone seems to be talking about the pop group, and they are constantly on social media, and have even gained the attention of celebrity gossip guru Perez Hilton. Of course with Perez, it could be good or bad, and the jury is still out on his latest tidbit, which is a montage of the guys in varying states of undress. Not knowing what the press is like in Australia, these guys should remember that what goes out on the internet, stays on the internet.

5 Seconds of Summer is one of those success stories that many hope will not end with bad decisions, bad press, and bad attitudes. For now they are loved by millions and since launching their careers nationally merely a year ago, the fact that their fans rank them up there with One Direction and Justin Bieber is truly amazing. They seem to be closing ranks on them, and by the time voting for MTV’s Hottest Summer Superstar ends, they may even do better than third place. It goes to show how far hard work, and dedication to a craft or skill can take a person.

Jimmy Kimmel knows his way around the business and he hit a home run hosting 5 Seconds of Summer that not only gave some fans an epic surprise, but their live performance was the hit of the show. The guys played Amnesia to a full house of screaming girls and solidified not only their popularity by the teens, but Kimmel’s also.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

Guardian Liberty Voice

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