Agents of Shield Brings in Mockingbird

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The last few days have been a blur of reveals and surprises for movie and comic book fans paying attention to the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con. Among all the movie and television announcements fans may have missed a big addition to Marvel’s Agents of Shield In a humorous introduction video Patton Oswalt reprised his role(s) as the twin agents Koenig mentioned a call from agent Bobbi Morse A.K.A. Mockingbird, much to the fans’ approval.

Agents of Shield has been criticized for getting off to a rough start and for not utilizing the pantheon of Marvel characters too small time for the movies presumably at the disposal of the writers. Fans’ opinion of the show turned around for the most part after the series tied in with the plot of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and kicked several long gestating plot lines into gear. The addition of Mockingbird will surely further placate fans as she is a character that many have been asking for since the beginning of the show.

The Bobbi Morse of the comics is a top-tier S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and occasional love interest of the Avenger Hawkeye. This connection has been a specific focus of discussion after Mockingbird’s Comic Con announcement, with many speculating that Morse’s place on the series could potentially lead to an appearance by Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. Marvel fans and Renner himself have lamented the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) under use of Hawkeye. With the rebuilding of S.H.I.E.L.D. to be a main plot point in the upcoming season of Agents of Shield having classic characters related to the organization like Mockingbird and Hawkeye seems to be a good way to explore the consequences of recent events in the films and television show.

Adding a fairly major character like Mockingbird may also indicate plans to further cross the paths of Marvel’s television team and their cinematic heroes. The series’ tie in with the second Captain America film helped rekindle ratings and prove to hardcore fans that Agent Coulson’s team had something to offer. With Guardians of the Galaxy officially introducing the Kree race of aliens into the MCU and one of Coulson’s late season discoveries rumored to be of Kree origin more movie connections could be close at hand this fall.

Agents of Shield’s strength lies in delving into the less blockbuster style aspects of the MCU and using popular characters that are still not necessarily household names is a sound strategy. The Comic Con announcement of Mockingbird’s live action television debut could also be seen as a demonstration of a new willingness to use established characters in television plot lines as opposed to original characters based on cliché archetypes.

No casting has been announced for Mockingbird, making the Comic Con announcement even more of a tease. Doubtless more news will roll in as the season 2 premier date for Agents of Shield approaches, and fans will have to wait until then to see how Marvel’s fledgling live action show has evolved in the face of criticism and treading new ground.

By Matt Isaacs

Entertainment Weekly



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