American Horror Story Season Four Teaser Trailer Already Going Viral (Video)

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American Horror Story Season Four Teaser Trailer Already Going Viral (Video)

The teaser trailer for American Horror Story season four has been uploaded on YouTube and it is already going viral. Not very surprising considering just how addicted the television viewing public was to the first three seasons of the show. The Ryan Murphy creation, yes that’s right the same guy who came up with Glee who had enough darkness left over to come up with this creepy series, was a hit from episode one of season one.

Many other Internet publications are squealing with delight over the “terror” and about how “gross” it is. Even MTV has gotten caught up in the excitement with their article’s title intimating that viewers of this short snippet will have trouble sleeping afterward. Perhaps younger members of polite society will have bad dreams from viewing this trailer.

Those horror fans who are a bit longer in the tooth, aka older, but who still have a vivid and very overactive imagination, may see the trailer a bit differently. However, before dissecting the trailer in a few short sharp strokes and leaving the “terror” behind; it bears repeating what made the first three seasons so wonderfully addictive.

Ryan Murphy is the “mad genius” behind AHS and it is this act alone that almost makes up his other creation of Glee and “Gleeks.” On a sidenote – MTV, Cosmo and E! take note – Glee really does fall into the territory of terrifying. This is the last time that this “other show” will be mentioned.

After all, American Horror Story has had its first season four teaser trailer uploaded on YouTube today and it is already going viral. The video of the trailer is at the bottom of this article and those who are interested can go to YouTube and watch the same video but with a bit more information attached, i.e. how many views it has gotten thus far.

So just what did make Murphy’s American Horror Story such a runaway hit in the first three seasons? Was it Jessica Lange proving that she isn’t getting older but getting better than better? Or Sarah Paulson showing that her chops are stronger than ever? Or was it (fill in name of favorite actor here)…

Leaving acting aside, was it the scriptwriting? Clever plotlines, witty dialogue, taboo themes that other shows were afraid to touch? The questions could go on and on and on. However, the one thing that ran through each and every season was that the winning combination was both the writing and the acting, from all concerned.

There you have it, American Horror Story aka AHS was “lightning in a bottle” for Ryan Murphy, and therefore for the viewing audience, not once, not twice, but three times. It has been decided, very quickly that the combo of script and actor is the reason that this series does so well.

Is that the only reason?

To answer that, the teaser trailer for season four of American Horror Story, which is already going viral on YouTube – the view count has gone up over 150,000 since this article was started – will now have to be dissected. Rather than being scary, or gross, or terrifying, the teaser is showing, in just 22 seconds, that like the other three seasons things are not what they seem and that “evil” is pulling the strings, or wings, behind the curtains. In other words, situation normal for AHS and its denizens.

By Michael Smith


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