‘America’s Got Talent’ Fourth Best Audition: Joe Matarese

America s Got Talent Joe Matarese

NBC’s America’s Got Talent has always had great comedians on the show, and Joe Matarese keeping the tradition alive is why he was the fourth best audition of the season. Matarese had some great one-liners, and his routine had the audience laughing from the very start. Even his discussion with the judges before he began his act was funny, and the ending part before he exited the stage was must-see TV.

The 46-year-old comic was asked a little about his family, and he told the judges his family was there, which included his kids, who had never seen him perform before, and his wife, who had seen him perform “like 4,000 times.” He was then asked if his wife thought he was funny, and he told them she does think so until his comedy hits “a little too close to home.” This brought a roar of laughter from the America’s Got Talent judges.

He then began his act. He had some great jokes about being older. He pointed out how much different life seems when a person is 46. He joked about his over-40 men’s softball team, and how nine of the 12 people on the team had injuries, but practically none of them were softball related. The injury jokes were classic for sure.

He had some great jokes about being an older dad, and how being an older dad means he has to do a lot of acting like he cared. The jokes were great and judge Mel B laughed especially loud. Mel B commented several times how funny she thought Joe Matarese was, and it was no surprise she would agree that his act could rank as high as the fourth best audition on America’s Got Talent this season.

When the act ended, Matarese remained as witty and clever as ever. When asked how it felt to perform in front of his children for the first time, he pointed out how he told his son the day before he was going to have to make fun of him as part of the act, but not to take it personal. The audience laughed a lot at the anecdote. Judge Howard Stern then joked that what he liked about the comic was that he was teaching his kid early on that “life sucked.” Everyone laughed at that as well.

Howie Mandel asked Matarese how long he had been doing stand-up, and they all seemed amazed when he answered, “25-years.” None could believe he had been doing this so long and so well, yet they had not heard of him before. It was an interesting mystery.

After receiving four yeses from the judges, Matarese’s adorable 1-year-old girl walked out on stage drawing a lot of “ahs” form Klum and Mel B. His son soon joined, and it was a very touching moment to see the middle-aged dad sharing his triumph with his adorable children. It was a fitting conclusion to a great act. Joe Matarese is clearly the real deal, and this is why he is ranked the fourth best audition on America’s Got Talent this season.

Opinion by Nathan Sullivan

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