‘America’s Got Talent’ Ninth Best Audition: Valo and Bobby [Video]

America s Got Talent valo and bobby

One of the most impressive parts of the reality talent-show America’s Got Talent are the strong man acts. In recent years there have been some great couples acts that have not only accented the strength of the man, but have shown how amazingly powerful women can be as well. This was true of this season. No act was more impressive than that of Valo and Bobby, a married couple who rank the ninth best in their audition on America’s Got Talent this season. These two not only were impressive, but they added a wrinkle that was totally unique to the act.

In many acts before the man held up the woman while she performed some kind of acrobatic stunt that showed the strength of both of the partners. This act not only went a step above that, it was a whole staircase above.

The act began with Valo picking up his wife with one arm and holding her above his head. He then set her down and she ran over to the apparatus they were going to use for the act. The equipment was a pole about 10 feet long that had a big series of rings at one end and a handle at the end.  The series of rings was where the wife, Bobby, would perform her stunts and aerial movements. The excitement really boiled over because this apparatus was not attached to the stage by poles or locks. Instead it was held in place by Valo, who held it on his head why she made her moves. It was amazing looking and really helped to move this to the ninth best audition on America’s Got Talent this season.

To watch Valo hold this pole up while his wife moved all around demonstrated not only amazing strength, but equally incredible balance. At one point she was rotating around while her husband worked to hold the pole steady. It made judge Howard Stern point out what a terrible catastrophe would ensue should he drop her at that point. It had incredible strength, balance, grace and danger to it, and this kept the judges and the audience on their seats the entire show.

The two met while performing in the Bulgarian circus together. She was an aerialist and he was a power-lifter. They decided to combine their acts together and soon created one of the most entertaining and exciting acts around. Their act was picked up by Ringling Brothers Circus, and the two currently perform their act around the world as part of the popular circus group.

Bobby and Valo may have just established themselves as the best of strongman act that America’s Got Talent has ever had, and this is why they are ranked as the ninth best audition from this season on the show. As amazing as they are, it should be exciting to see how they step it up. The judges like to see an act get better with each round, so it should be a great joy to see what they come up with for the Vegas shows.

Opinion by Nathan Sullivan

Daily Motion

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