Baghdad: Iraqi Militants Ambush Apartment Building Killing Over 20 Women


Baghdad is now the center target of Iraqi militants, who raided the capital city of Iraq and ambushed an apartment building killing at least 20 women on Saturday. Although those killed were both women and men, the exact number of people murdered has not been verified. Baghdad security officials said no one has come forward to claim the murders, but they suspect Islamic militants outside the city of Baghdad are responsible for the horrific crimes.

Sources said because the attack came unexpected and in the middle of the night, the motives behind the executions are unclear. However, some people believe the killings were a revenge-style killing against Iraqi citizens who were known to be prostitutes. Whether the alleged prostitutes who resided in the building were affiliated with the men counted in the murders is unknown as well.

Many people see the late night attack as a crackdown against Iraqi locals by smaller Islamic extremist groups within the city. However, members of the Interior Ministry, which is located in Baghdad, fear the incident may be related to the widespread violence occurring rampantly through north-western Iraq.

Since none of the major Iraqi militant groups announced authority over the Baghdad apartment building ambush that killed 20 women, security officials said they have no evidence to go by at this time. The deadly violence towards women by men has not yet caught the attention of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization in New York. The bloodshed of hundreds of Sunni prisoners believed to be members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the latest petition being carried out by the HRW in Baghdad.

Iraq’s legal issues surrounding the killings of the alleged prostitutes in Baghdad are unequal to the tenets of modern-day laws. Because Iraq is a Muslim country, they are holding religious laws above their secular constitutional laws. Islamic laws state that prostitution is “a sin punishable by death,” so it would be very difficult for western lawmakers to intervene in this case. Critics are certain there will be massive rejections against any influences objecting to the written laws of the Shia.

Last year when the exact same apartment complex was the target of killing raids by Islamic radicals, it had been considered an extrajudicial routine. For this reason, U.S. advisers continue to examine the situation to determine if Iraqi Islamic terrorism tactics are heightening and broadening towards the central region of Iraq.

Still, the tensions are high everywhere in Baghdad. As the commercial industries go about its day-to-day business and the civilians try to maintain their daily activities, people are all wondering whether the incidents were extrajudicial-related hostilities or whether the Sunni Muslim militarization, with a strong emphasis on the military insurgent ISIS, have reentered the city of Baghdad from the western front.

Many Iraqi officials in Baghdad, have been virtually hidden from the public media since it became known worldwide that Muslim extremist groups were militarizing Iraq into separate regions. Although politically motivated, Islamic Kurds and Islamic Sunnis have systematically dominated the entire northern and western regions of Iraq. The Islamic Kurds, backed by the Peshmerga military forces, declared a sovereign state in north Iraq many years ago. Meanwhile the growing armies of Sunni insurgents, ISIS, claimed dominance over west Iraq much more recently.

The ISIS military-style takeovers have sent hundreds of thousands of civilians fleeing into safer zones nearer to Baghdad. Because key cities Diyala, Tikrit and Mosul were recently invaded by ISIS, millions of civilians fear ISIS and Peshmerga will soon make its presence known in Baghdad. Yet, no one can be sure if Iraqi militants of the ISIS are responsible for the ambush of the apartment building that killed 20 women.

By Kimakra Nealy

LA Times
Gulf News
Washington Post

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