Boehner vs Obama in Constitutional Overreach

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John Boehner vs President Obama will come to a head next week regarding Obama’s Constitutional overreach! Clarity is on the horizon in reference to Washington’s dissonance when it comes to abusing executive power. The forefather’s of this Nation established a trustworthy system of checks and balances so that abuse of power would not exist. The question at hand is whether the officials who were elected by the people to serve the people will be trustworthy enough to stand firm and support the Constitution.

Republican Boehner is simply doing his job by standing for what is right by being in agreement with the statutes of the Constitution of the United States of America. Defending the Constitution literally means that he is taking a stand for the people of this Nation in order to establish proper protection for all Americans. In order to do that, it is imperative to know what the Constitution states within its proper context. Many of the issues that have come forth from Obama and his current administration are the result of not understanding what the Constitution states within its proper context, or choosing to ignore what it says so that twisting and manipulation can be utilized to coerce an opposing agenda.

To clarify Boehner vs Obama, in reference to Constitutional overreach, simply means that Obama has abused what he thought was his authority. Obama clearly does not have the authority to establish his own laws without a Congressional vote, yet he has repeatedly chosen to do so. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of dictatorship is one person who leads with total power. Since Obama has chosen to defy the design of how the United States government was established to work, it verifies that he believes he has the power to do as he so desires. Within a crowd on Thursday in Austin, Texas, he jabbed Republicans by taunting them to sue him for doing his job and using taxpayer money to do so. This would be an accurate example of how a justifiable fact gets twisted into derision.

Boehner is merely bringing to accountability the misuse of executive power. Lack of accountability is what has been lacking in Washington ever since Obama took office. He started off by saying that he would be totally transparent and has been anything but. Americans have had more than enough of the oratorical rhetoric. It is time for accountability. It is time to restore America to its foundational roots, and time to uproot all of the deception. Boehner stands firm that this is not about finger-pointing. It is to establish proper protocol so that this Nation can get back on track.

Law professor Jonathan Turley, from George Washington University, expressed to the House Judiciary Committee, that Obama’s unilateral change to the health care law that delays the employer mandate provision, definitively crosses the Constitutional line. There is “no express power,” according to Turley, that authorizes the President to make changes. Of course, a progressive minded critic, Simon Lazarus, retorted that exercising presidential judgment is exactly what the Constitution requires. To reiterate, it is clear that without knowing what the Constitution truly says, it is easy to meander outside the boundaries to formulate whatever.

Recently the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 against Obama when he authorized recess appointments without the approval of Congress. A CNN conservative political commentator, Reihan Salam, commented that the use of executive power by this president had gone too far, and an increasing number of Americans agree with this position. He further stated that it is not about Democrats and Republicans, which is also Boehner’s stance, but about acknowledging our system of government.

Next week there will be a showdown when the House Rules Committee holds a hearing in reference to the proposal to sue Obama. Although challenges remain, House Republicans will have the burden to prove that Obama’s action was harmful to the institution due to his abuse of executive power. Boehner vs Obama boils down to compelling the President to not overreach the parameters of the Constitution, but rather to abide by the laws and boundaries set forth by the Constitution and to enforce them.

Opinion by Jill Boyer-Adriance

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