Captain America and Thor Are Moving With the Times

Captain America

The new Captain America and Thro are just moving with the times. Comic books have always been dominated with white, male characters. There are the odd female characters but very few people of different races. However, the recent changes have angered some people.

The argument is that creating new superhero characters is an option. There is no need to make changes to the current ones. This is especially the case for Captain America, who is a superhero due to a scientific experiment.

It is not a surprise for many to hear that there are female and multicultural superheroes being added to the Marvel team. Just this week, Axel Alonso, the editor-in-chief for Marvel, explained that people wanted to see characters that mimicked those people see every day. It is true that there needed to be some sort of human and current element to the stories to get more people to engage and enjoy. The lack of different races and female characters has been a problem for a while.

Yes, there were females and different races in the 1960s when many of the characters were created, but the need for equality was not as strong as it is today. The world has come a long way since then, and the new Captain America and Thor are just moving with the times.

At least with Thor there is a clear and realistic reason to bring in a female superhero. The power comes from the hammer and Thor is only Thor because he is worthy of the hammer. Anybody could end up with that item as long as they are worthy for it, and that included a female. Marvel has now acknowledged that and it will mean that eight comics now have female leads.

The problem though is that it is not quite enough. People will always remember Thor and Captain America as the white men they have always been. The original idea of the two will never go away, especially when Steve Rogers is still doing to be around to help his new counterpart master the throwing of the iconic shield.

It is time for Marvel, DC and others to start creating new superheroes, and adding them into their movie franchises. The heroes need their own personalities and have the chance to make the characters their own. For the movies it may not be so hard as the actors can portray the characters the way they want and see the characters acting. It is going to be much harder for those who read the comic books. The names will be there and the original images will be the first things that people expect. It is very difficult for a drawing to stand out and make a difference the way an actor or actress can.

Only time will tell whether this is a good or bad move. It is certainly a move forward for those who want equality within the comic books, and there is the sign that the creators are willing to admit changes could be made. The new Captain America and Thor are just changing with the times, but the changes are not necessarily going to be good enough.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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