Charlie Sheen Drunk at Taco Bell [Video]

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen met up with a couple of fans at Taco Bell, admittedly drunk, and looking quite disheveled. With his shirt hanging low as if it was stretched out, he happily met the two fans who were waiting in the drive through lane. It was quite the spectacle, and one would think the actor would be at the point in his life where he has done enough damage to himself and others. Perhaps he would be on the road to rationalization and a return to normalcy. Not so, if the video below is any judge of just where Sheen’s life is heading, he still has some more growing up to do.

Fresh off of his Twitter battle with Rhianna, and infamous for his other candid and crazy videos, fans will begin to forget just what a great and entertaining actor he used to be. Coming off of the years of fame from his classic character on Two and a Half Men seems to have propelled the once respected actor into a downward spiral. He has done nothing noteworthy since his departure from the sitcom except for things that have put him into a negative light, and this is no exception. His solo tour was a dismal failure, and even elicited groans from the crowds that flocked to see him in person.

Although happy and pleasant to the couple, the first words out of his mouth was an apology for being “so hammered”, and it is apparent from his unsteady gait to his disheveled clothing and slurred speech that he was indeed hammered. He even pulls his already ragged looking shirt aside to show off what appears to be a Charlie Brown tattoo on his chest. He then expresses concern that the couple is fighting, although there is no apparent reason to think that they were. Sheen was not driving either, so no worries, as his Benz, which is typically chauffeur-driven can be seen in the background.

The once celebrated actor, whose career is dotted with success after success since the 1980s, just cannot seem to land on his feet these days. He has numerous Golden Globes, and has been nominated for countless Emmy Awards, yet the past fame may be part of the problem, as it certainly is not enough for the once charming actor. He currently has a comedy called Anger Management on FX, although its success is debatable.

Sheen went from being the highest paid actor in 2010 for his work in television, earning just under $2 million per episode on Two and a Half Men, to a moderately successful series on FX. His personal life has exploded into the tabloids multiple times, with everything from his marital issues, to a public divorce, and numerous reports of drug and alcohol abuse. He just seems as if he will never bounce back from getting fired from Two and a Half Men. If alcohol is a problem, then this video certainly shows it continues to be so. It leaves one to wonder where his family and brothers are, and how they can let him continue to make a public spectacle of himself. Fans may wonder if Charlie Sheen will ever truly come back to TV and return to they type of comedy he has been so good at for so many years, or is his legacy to be filmed drunk at Taco Bell?

Opinion By Kristi Cerska


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