Dinosaurs: All Aboard the ‘Dinosaur Train’


Dinosaurs are one of the most interesting topics for kids, no matter how old they are, because they enjoy learning about these creatures from the past. Today’s children have a better way of learning than in generation’s past. An explosion of thanks is in part due to the children’s show Dinosaur Train, presented by PBS. The show always opens with a quick glimpse of what is to happen in the day’s episode, along with a well remembered conductor saying, “All aboard the Dinosaur Train,” followed by a very catchy tune to get the attention of the children to the screen.

The show then holds the attention of the kids through the use of bright colors and songs. The greatness of this show is how they use the characters to teach moral lessons. These characters include three Pteranodon children named Tiny, Shiny and Don. Along with a T-rex named Buddy, who happens to be adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon. There is also a Troodon who is the conductor of the dinosaur train. These characters are not the only important aspect of the show, there is one other important character, Dr. Scott the paleontologist or the person who studies dinosaurs. He comes on in between the short stories and gives the children some of the history of these creatures. There are also many other minor dinosaurs that appear on the show but this is for the stories.

Some of the stories that they teach include such things as lessons on what a carnivore is among others. Children also get to learn about new dinosaur species that they may not have known about before. Also in every episode Buddy always comes up with a hypothesis. Once the kids have a question they cannot answer by themselves or their parents cannot answer they hear the whistling and tooting of the train whistle and know that it is time for an adventure. Off to the station, the Pteranodon family meets the conductor and talk about their hypothesis. Then it’s “all aboard” and off to the place they are heading to.

Dr. Scott comes on during the “intermissions’’ between the stories and asks questions and gives little facts about the breed of dinosaur that they are covering in the show. For example, there was a show where the Pteranodons go to the Jurassic period so they can find out what type of dinosaur Buddy is. Throughout the show they learn that Buddy is a t-rex and is a carnivore. After the story, Dr. Scott pops up and discusses what a t-rex is as a species and even mentions the meaning of tyrannosaurus rex, which is king of the lizards.

This show also uses children. They do that first through the interactions with Dr. Scott. Child actors do the voices of the Pteranodon children and these actors are from Canada, at least Shiny and Tiny are. Children’s involvement with the show during the Dr. Scott parts show a willingness to have the children interacting in shows to the point that PBS is trying to make certain that kids feel that the  show is for them. Children are the future and need to have the right teachings in their lives.

The Dinosaur Train is rolling down the tracks everyday on PBS at nine in the morning. All aboard the Dinosaur Train to have a great adventure in the world of dinosaurs, and be prepared to learn something new when it comes to species that are thousands of years old.

By Nathan Sullivan


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