Drugs Are Whack: It Appears 26-Year-Old Mallory Loyola Did Not Get the Memo


The late Whitney Houston made the saying “Drugs are whack” a memorable one, and while this saying is definitely true, it appears 26-year-old Mallory Loyola did not get the memo. Loyola is the first to be arrested in the state of Tennessee after her and her newborn baby tested positive for meth. Authorities were alerted about the matter and Loyola was charged with a misdemeanor. She was later released on $2,000 bail, according to ABC News.

While baby fever is booming all over Hollywood with expectant moms to be such as Kourtney Kardashian, Mila Kunis, Alyssa Milano, Christina Aguilera, Eva Mendez, to the recently announced pregnancy from former MTV VJ, Vanessa Minnillo, it appears that Loyola did not get the memo that doing drugs while pregnant is now considered an offense in the state of Tennessee and is whack to do. The state of Tennessee is the first to have this law go into effect, and while this may prove beneficial for mothers who chose to use drugs while pregnant, not everyone is in agreement with this new law. The law took effect this past month,and gives law enforcement the authority to prosecute a woman for “assault” when they are using a narcotic drug without a prescription while they are pregnant, where the infant is endangered or injured or becomes addicted to the drug, She can also be charged with homicide if the baby dies, according to buzzfeed.com.

National and local critics are against this new law, which was signed by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam. His reasons for signing the law were that he wanted to provide treatment programs for pregnant woman while also providing law enforcement and district attorneys a tool to help assist them in regards to the matter. But some organizations like The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, feel differently. Thomas Castelli, legal director of the ACLU Tennessee had this to say, He points out that this law is dangerous because it “unconstitutionally singles out new mothers struggling with addiction” thus treating them as criminals instead of treating them as people who need help. He further points out that by making the focus punishment of these women rather than promoting healthy pregnancies, Tennessee is  deterring women who may be struggling with alcohol or drug dependency from seeking the pre-birth care they would need.”

One person that is hopeful of Loyola’s arrest sending a message to other mothers who may decide to use drugs while pregnant is Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens. He reportedly told WATE-TV that Loyola admitted to using meth days before she gave birth. His hope is that this will inspire and send a clear message to women who are pregnant and are addicted to some form of drug “to seek help. That is what we want them to do,” he said.

This is not Mallory Loyola’s first time using drugs however, she has used in the past, and while it is clear that Loyal did not get the memo of how using drugs while pregnant is dangerous and whack, maybe this incident can be the wakeup call she needs to get her life in order. However, this is not the first time where a mother has used drugs while pregnant, and it will not be the last. It is clear that this story like so many others, will be filed under the hot for now category because just like people found this story interesting and worth reading for the moment, they will surely find another story of interest like the recent announcements of celebrities giving birth in what is considered to the non-celebrity world as Hollywood.

By Morgan Amos


ABC News

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