Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish: A Cinematic Read

Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish: A Cinematic Read

Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish is a very cinematic read, it is also book one of the Earthman Jack space saga; the cover of the book says so. The novel itself is, as Matthew himself says, a brick of book. Admittedly it is a long story, but, a tale that deals with intergalactic travel, races beyond the stars, entire worlds being destroyed by some pretty impressive “big bads” and possible time travel and a beautiful princess is going to take a few pages to get through. With well over 600 pages, actually the page count is exactly 666 but does not take into account the extra pages at the beginning. So those readers who may feel this is a bad thing can relax. The book “looks” long but the reading of this story goes surprisingly fast.

The plot deals with Jack Finnegan, aged 15 who lives just outside the “mediocre” town of Red Mills. His life is fairly unspectacular and the teenager’s main goal in life is to remain the top player of the local dive’s video arcade space game. Finnegan’s main nemesis is a teacher whose daughter happens to be the most beautiful girl in the school aka Anna. Jack feels that life has given him short shrift with a missing father and a mother who has to work too hard to make ends meet.

At school, the teen does not stand out, but does keep in enough “hot water” to come to the attention of his homeroom teacher, and Anna’s father, Mr. Shepard. Despite this infamy, Jack does get on well with another teacher who is responsible for Physics, Professor Green. In a very event filled day, Finnegan learns nothing is what it seems and that he may be the only specimen of mankind left in the universe. Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish is a book that reads like a film, a cinematic adventure that plays in the reader’s mind while turning the pages at a feverish pace to see what happens next.

The adventures of a fifteen year old protagonist, and his teen love interest, puts this science fiction book squarely into Young Adult territory. However, lovers of a good tale will also find this enjoyable story addictive reading regardless of their age. Kadish’s style is very cinematic and begs to be made into a film. Matthew says that this is the first of a seven book series which will deal with Jack Finnegan’s ongoing tale of space adventure. The second book, Earthman Jack vs.The Secret Army is the next in this upcoming franchise.

In the story, worlds are destroyed and humanity’s fate hangs on the actions of a video game playing 15 year-old high school student who may be the saviour of much more than the denizens of Earth. Kadish’s writing includes homages to a number science fiction cultural images. He is adept at realistic and fitting dialogue for all of his characters. Whether they be human or alien in nature, the speech is natural and in many cases, very funny or quite touching.

Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish is a fast paced, science fiction tale which is an action packed cinematic read. The journey is amusing and compelling and a lot of fun. Read this entertaining book which is the start to what promises to be a wonderful series. The book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback form.

By Michael Smith


Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet by Matthew Kadish

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