Facebook Bans Mom’s Account for Bum Photo


Facebook temporarily banned a mom’s account because of a bum photo of her daughter. The photograph was in no way pornographic, and was more of a recreation of a pose from the 1950s. It screams censorship for many, and the mom has fought against the decision from the social media giant.

Jill White and her family went on a trip to the beach. While there, the professional photographer decided it was the perfect chance to recreate the Coppertone Girl pose. A friend of the two-year-old pulled the bathing suit down at the back. Before posting it online, White asked the friend’s mother if it was something she could do, and the other mother said it was perfectly acceptable. With all parties in agreement, it would seem like Facebook was the perfect place to share the recreation of the popular post.

The photo was shared with the Coppertone page considering it was a recreation, but White soon found her account banned. Someone had reported the photo as inappropriate. She had two choices: either remove the photo or make the privacy settings different. The terms were that the photo was considered pornographic or contained nudity, but the mother defended her actions stating that it was neither. It was an innocent recreation.

After Facebook banned the mom’s account for the bum photo, she decided to do some editing. Covering up the questionable area with a smiley face, the professional photographer reposted it as soon as she could. The photo is being reviewed once more, and she may be banned forever from the social media platform. That will be disappointing; not just because of the photo being an innocent one, but because she has a professional photography page on the site.

According to Facebook, the original photo broke the terms of service due to showing the child’s nude bottom. It is important for a website to place strict terms, and it makes sense considering the type of posts that could be placed on the site otherwise. There is also the concern that pedophiles use the social media site and will find even the slightest bit of nudity appealing. Just a photo of a child alone may be enough for some.

White agrees that terms need to be in place. She would have been happy for her photos to be taken down if the rule applied to everyone. However, there are plenty of photos around the social media site that are the same, if not worse, than the one of her daughter. She has even reported photographs that contained nudity or pornography and they have been allowed to remain.

The decision for the social media giant to remove the photo has angered some users. There is a sense that the site is censoring the things that people want to see, including bum photos. White acknowledged that it may be a “mom thing” to want to see the innocent photos like that. However, it is certainly not something that everyone wants to see, or that everyone will take innocently. Facebook stands by its decision to ban the mom’s account for the bum photo temporarily, but she will not face a lifetime ban.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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