Facebook Swindlers Utilizing MH17 Crash for Fraud


Swindlers are taking advantage of yet another travesty, utilizing not only Facebook, but Twitter as well, using faux crash footage from MH17 for fraud purposes. People who want to learn more about the terrible incident that happened on July 17, 2014 are being asked to click on the links provided by the scammers in order to view what the fraudsters are claiming to be actual footage of the crash. Instead, the links are bringing people who click on them to fake websites, malicious sites and more often than not, pornographic sites. A host of fake pages has been set up on Facebook, including one that was up the first day of the crash. That page was reporting that it had a video of the crash, at the exact moment when the plane went down. The link encouraged users to click on it in order to see the live footage.

Instead, users who clicked on the link were taken to questionable websites that included pornographic sites, as well as malicious links that infected user’s computers. The victims of the MH17 crash, who the swindlers are utilizing in the fraud perpetuated on Facebook range from the extremely young siblings from Perth, Australia, to the Malaysian pilot of the plane, and many other adult victims from all over the world that perished in the horrific incident. Experts are saying that swindlers use tragedies like this one all the time in order to further their agendas. Those who know say that tricksters may use these occurrences simply for driving up traffic to their websites, yet sometimes the fraudsters are looking for more ways to access the personal information people would otherwise not think of sharing.

A lot of the faux pages have been taken down by Facebook already, although there are still some that have not been alerted to Facebook yet as being a fraudulent page. The companies that are being used by the tricksters have experts saying that they should show more responsibility in taking down the fake pages and letting their users know about the fraud that is being perpetuated on their site. As it is now, Facebook is only removing the pages that users are flagging as fake and reporting them. To some of the people who have thought that the pages were real, and they had left heartwarming offers of prayers and condolences, they feel tricked into sharing warm greetings with hackers.

People who have left greetings on these faux pages feel tricked, angry and confused. A lot of people cannot understand how fraudsters can use such a tragedy to further their own ends. They have a hard time understanding that the swindlers that are utilizing Facebook and other social media sites with fake information on the MH17 crash for fraud purposes are doing so without compassion for the human suffering involved. And although many of the social media sites have rules governing their use, it is not easy to be able to tell which pages are real and which ones are put up by scammers. However, Facebook is leaving it up to its users to report pages which they feel are bogus, asking them to use their reporting buttons to give Facebook the heads up so that the social media company may then work to remove the page.

By Korrey Laderoute

Mail Online
BBC News

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