Gabourey Sidibe Is Top Pick for Nell Carter Biopic

Gabourney Sidibe Is Top Pick for Nell Carter Biopic

Gabourey Sidibe, the 31 year old buxom beauty, has graced the stage with her talents, humor and wit. She keeps busy with ongoing projects and upcoming possibilities. She recently has been approached by HBO to play the role of Nell Carter and portray the star in a biopic of her life. Details are still being discussed, but Sidibe is the top pick at this time.

Gabby, as she is known by to friends, debuted in the limelight just a few short years ago. Not seriously looking to act, she still took a chance and was quickly cast in the movie Precious. The world came to know her as the abused, over-weight teenager, Claireece Precious Jones, who conquered her fears and trials head-on. Sidibe was right for the role and in turn earned much recognition including nominations from The Golden Globes and The Academy Awards.

Long criticized for her large size, Sidibe has done more than enough to make up the difference with her own candor and matter of fact attitude. The gal from deep in the heart of New York City, was born in Brooklyn and raised in Harlem. She is well acquainted with the workings of life and therefore well equipped for various acting roles.

Sidibe has made several other movies since her 2009 debut, including Yelling To The Sky and has gone on to have prominent roles in some well acclaimed TV series. As she refuses to be stereo-typed as an actress, Sidibe exhibits diverse talent with every part she plays. As estimated with a net worth of close to $1 million, Sidibe has reached the point of being able to pick and choose.

The actress is becoming high in demand and seems to be a great fit in playing Carter. Already having starred in Showtime’s The Big C and currently a regular with Fox’s American Horror Story: Coven as Queenie, Sidibe has no lack of offers. Her schedule is full with new movies such as Empire and Grimsby finishing up and set to be released within the next year. As the gabfest takes place about the possible biopic of Carter being made, Sidibe is still the top pick for the role, if and when it happens.

Gabourey Sidibe Is Top Pick for Nell Carter BiopicSidibe could easily play the role of the late Carter. They share many similar qualities from humor, singing ability to stature. Carter was well known from her Broadway days of Ain’t Misbehavin’ and DreamGirls before she landed the role of Nell Harper in Gimme a Break! in the 80’s. Carter’s role as the quirky housekeeper for a single dad with three girls kept her singing all the way to the bank.

Carter’s success and happy demeanor was plagued by personal problems with two failed marriages, miscarriages, drug addiction, financial worries and many health issues. She passed away in January of 2003, at the age of 54, due to diabetes and heart failure. Still the joy she brought to millions is worth telling the story.

Not yet in the final stages of production, Sidibe has been tagged to play the role of Carter in a possible biopic movie. Sidibe seems to be open to the idea, but only if her own schedule will allow. The talented actress is a perfect choice and would certainly portray Carter in a positive way. Time will tell as decisions are made and put into the hands of destiny. A precious story of a life well lived by Carter may just give Sidibe another break.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon






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