Gaming News: Guardian Liberty Voice Daily Digest for July 10, 2014 [Video]


The world of gaming has been brimming with big announcements at this year’s E3. However, the end of the expo also marked the beginning of a long, slow wait. The huge reveals are now replaced with small bite-size news chunks, trickling down to the eager gamers. Here are the top most interesting gaming stories of the day.

Ubisoft turns huge profits despite all the criticism

Ubisoft, the triple-A game publisher and developer does not seem swayed by their unfortunate marketing, design controversies or technical problems. They have just announced a whopping 374 percent increase in sales this quarter compared to the previous year. Their latest big title, Watch_Dogs, already sold 8 million copies, despite the DRM issues which prevented many players from starting the game on launch day. The studio also attributes its success to other new titles, such as Valiant Hearts or Trials Fusion.

Grim Fandango returning to PCs after all

Grim Fandango is a classic PC adventure game set in the after-world and following a film noir conspiracy among the grim reapers. It was originally released in 1998 by LucasArts but this year’s E3 revealed a new revamp in development by DoubleFine. Many fans of the title were dismayed by the news it would be a PlayStation 4 and Vita exclusive. However, they can now rejoice once again as the game has been confirmed for PC and Mac as well, returning to the platform it originated from.

New concept art for upcoming Cliff Bleszinski’s Bluestreak

GamingThe popular video game designer known for Epic’s classics such as Unreal or Gears of War has recently returned to making games after an almost two-year hiatus. Teaming up with Nexon America, Bleszinski has announced a new arena shooter, Bluestreak. The title is reported to be a free-to-play, sci-fi FPS and a new take on the old gaming favorite. Bleszinski also participated in Reddit’s Ask Me Anything event, answering a number of community questions and sharing the first bit of concept art for the upcoming game. This could mean a return to the hectic and futuristic Unreal Tournament formula in contrast to the structured and realistic Call of Duty style that now rules the online shooter scene.

Early Access for an old game?

Valve has just announced early access for Team Fortress 2, one of their most popular multiplayer shooters,which was released in 2007. However, the title has seen a steady number of upgrades over the years, from new arenas and game modes all the way to weapons and silly hats. The new early access feature will give players a sneak-peak at the upcoming beta maps, trying to “include the community early in the development process,” as their official blog explained. Since game is free, it definitely seems like a win-win situation both for the developers and curios players.

A museum of the digital age

The Digital Revolution Exhibit at the Barbican is a very unique experience attempting to showcase the true artistic power of interactivity, gaming and technology. Using Kinect 2.0, it captures and renders the outlines of visitors, turning them into bird-like creatures. Waving an arm turns to waving a wing, all done in real time. A Pong cabinet stands proudly with a clip from The Lawnmower Man looping overhead, next to a Speak & Spell and a bulky Commodore PET. Many other displays also feature tech and code art, 3D printing or film. While Eurogamer criticizes parts of the show for falling on cyber-cliches and “killing” Mario by putting him in a museum, the digital exhibit nonetheless is a peculiar testament to the digital age.

By Jakub Kasztalski

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