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Gaming News: Guardian Liberty Voice Daily Digest for July 23, 2014



This Wednesday seems to be a day of delays and releases. Both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline release dates have been pushed-back. On the upside, the Destiny beta launched on Xbox One a bit earlier than expected, Now TV was added to Playstation 4, and the upcoming Lara Croft cooperative game has been confirmed for December. In other news, Atari is pushing for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in their latest title, but Engadget report remains skeptical. Here is the gaming news daily digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for July 23, 2014.

Atari embracing or cashing-in on the LGBT community?

GamingThe history of Atari is a sad tale about falling from grace and never quite being able to get back up. Infamous for attempting to bury leftover E.T. game stock in the desert, launching new failed platforms such as Lynx or Jaguar, the company somehow managed to stay afloat thanks to numerous third-party buy-outs. Atari is attempting yet another novel comeback with online casino service and Pridefest, a city-building game focused specifically on the LGBT gamers. The demographic has been steadily growing, and the 2013 buying power was forecasted to reach $830 billion. Engadget, however, calls the new title little more than an opportunistic money-grabbing attempt to stay relevant, and one that does not even peer too deeply into the LGBT culture it attempts to portray.

Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline delayed

GamingTwo of the most anticipated gaming titles on the horizon are slipping in their release dates. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be delayed until Nov. 18, just six weeks from the original date. Mark Darrah, the executive producer of the title, explained the extra time will be used to polish the experience and strengthen “the emotional impact of the Hero’s choices.” Given Dragon Age’s strong focus on narrative and character interactions, the additional wait sounds like a worthwhile sacrifice.

Battlefield Hardline, on the other hand, gets a much more significant push-back, now scheduled for early 2015. Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE’s Vice President, explained that the June beta test of the title revealed a lot of kinks the developers were not happy with, even despite its relatively warm reception. The company wants to focus on improving multi-player, single-player, and stability of the title. The broad categories, however, encompass pretty much every aspect of the game, except perhaps the visual or auditory prowess. It is hard to predict how the game will change from the beta.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris coming in December

GamingWhile on the topic of game releases, the latest installment of Lara Croft’s top-down and four-player-cooperative action-adventure has been confirmed to launch on Dec. 9. It will be available on both of the next-gen consoles as well the PC. The title is a follow-up to Guardian of Light, which was the first time Lara departed from her typical third-person, platform-jumping pedigree. Despite that, the game proved very successful, pushing the franchise into a new genre.

Destiny beta comes to Xbox One

GamingThe futuristic massively-multiplayer shooter from the makers of Halo has been running a public beta test on Playstation 4 for some time now. Today, the owners of XBox One will be able to jump into the fray as well. However, the developers stated there are still some “party stabilization errors” the users may experience, and recommend restarting the console to fix any issues. Comparison articles and videos between the two versions are undoubtedly going to emerge soon.

Playstation 4 adds Now TV

A media app from Sky which allows the users to purchase and watch on-demand movies, sports and TV shows, has just launched on Playstation 4. The service has already been available on Playstation 3, being one of the competitors to Netflix, the largest video streaming service. Now TV is also rumored to come to XBox One this summer, Eurogamer reported.

Gaming New Digest From Guardian Liberty Voice Commentary by Jakub Kasztalski

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