Glee Actor Chris Colfer Not Fired Just Hacked

Glee Actor Chris Colfer Not Fired Just Hacked

Glee fans who might have heard about a tweet that came from the Twitter account of actor Chris Colfer on Thursday about his having been fired from the show have nothing to worry about, as Chris, who plays the openly gay high school student Kurt Hummel, was not fired, but was just hacked. His Twitter account was reportedly hacked, and Colfer has no plans to leave Glee, according to his personal rep.

The tweet made mention of “personal issues” being the explanation of why he was “let go from the cast of GLEE.” The tweet concluded by saying that “Explanations will come shortly….” However, according to the actor’s rep, Chris Colfer, 24, did not issue the statement; instead, it was a hoax that originated from someone who had hacked into Colfer’s Twitter account.

The rep stated that Chris Colfer will be back next year, “for the final season” of Glee. Chris Colfer is one of the few regular cast members of the musical TV series that has been with it from Glee‘s very first season in 2009.

According to Chris Colfer’s manager, the reason that the tweet was up for so long that it was re-tweeted over 5,400 times before it was eventually taken down, is that the Glee regular was aboard an airplane and did not have access to wi-fi.

20th Century Fox was also quick to issue a statement saying that “Colfer’s twitter account has been hacked,” and added that rumors that the actor was fired “could not be further from the truth.”

Rumors also were flying earlier this year that Glee actress Naya Rivera had been let go from the show. The reason that she was allegedly fired was that she had gotten into an on-set altercation with another cast member who has been with the series since its very first season, Lea Michele. In that case, as well as the most recent one involving rumors about Chris Colfer, Fox issued a statement saying that the rumors were false and that Naya Rivera was still under contract and had not been let go.

Playing the openly gay high school student in Glee has earned Chris Colfer two Emmy nominations and he has also won a Golden Globe in 2011 for Best Supporting Actor. Glee was one of the hottest and most popular shows on TV its first few seasons, though ratings for the show have dropped off from what they used to be and the height of the show’s popularity.

Glee had been scheduled to return later in 2014 for its sixth and final season, but Fox has decided not to include the series on its fall schedule. Instead, Glee will be back as a mid-season replacement show sometime in January 2015.

Despite the rumors and buzz that the tweet a hacker posted using the actor’s Twitter account caused about Chris Colfer of Glee being fired, he was instead just hacked. Fans have nothing to be concerned about, as Chris Colfer will be returning in the role of Kurt Hummel for the sixth season of Glee, and Naya Rivera will be back, too. The rumor that Chris Colfer had been fired from Glee spread like wildfire, but the rumor was based on someone hacking into Colfer’s account and posting a fake tweet. Sadly, though, for fans of the series, the sixth season of Glee will be its last one.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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