Glee Star Lea Michele Not Pregnant With Baby Boy

Glee Star Lea Michele Not Pregnant With Baby Boy

Lea Michele of Glee has had her Twitter account hacked by someone claiming to be her saying that she is pregnant with a baby boy. This latest hacking of the Twitter account of a Glee star comes just a day after Chris Colfer’s account was hacked. That tweet by a hacker claiming to be Colfer was enough to convince a lot of people that he had been fired, but that is untrue. He will be back for the sixth and last season of Glee in January 2015. Just as that tweet was untrue, it is also not true that Lea Michele is pregnant.

The tweet that was alleged to have been written by Glee star Lea Michele, 27, stated that she would like to let her fans know that she was pregnant with a baby boy before “this gets out to the media.”

Lea Michele soon deleted the tweet, and stated that the rumor that she was pregnant just was not true. She joked about it and Chris Colfer’s account having been hacked by tweeting that they both “should have known better [than] to make our passwords the names of our cats.”

These two incidents of Glee stars having their Twitter accounts hacked caused some media sources reporting about the subject to suggest that the actors of Glee should change their Twitter passwords more often. It is unfortunate that hackers sometimes make changing passwords a necessity, but changing passwords is one method not only stars, but everyone, can use to make hacking accounts of all sorts more difficult.

With this second hacking of a Glee star coming so soon on the heels of Chris Colfer’s Twitter account getting hacked, fans were not as ready to accept the tweet at its face value. The tweet that Colfer was alleged to have written about his having been let go by Glee was retweeted over 5,400 times before it was finally deleted. Though some Lea Michele fans did light up the internet with the rumor that she was pregnant, most were not as ready to believe that the tweet had been posted by the Glee actress.

Since Lea Michele just announced that she had a new boyfriend a few days ago, Matthew Paetz, the tweet that supposedly came from her that said she was pregnant confused and surprised many of Michele’s fans. While it did not seem very likely that Michele was pregnant so soon after announcing that she had a new boyfriend, some of her fans were taken in and believed that the tweet was true.

Besides Lea Michele tweeting that the rumor that she was pregnant was untrue, her rep also let People know that it was tweeted by someone who had hacked into Michele’s Twitter account. She and her rep stopped the rumor from spreading even faster by deleting the tweet quickly, unlike what happened in Chris Colfer’s case.

The tweet that he had been let go from Glee over “personal reasons” stayed up longer, but that was because Colfer was aboard a plane over the Atlantic Ocean without WiFi access on Thursday. Colfer could not have tweeted that he was let go from Glee, nor could he have deleted the false tweet any earlier, because he did not even know that the tweet had been posted until he was off of the airplane and could check his Twitter account.

Glee star Lea Michele is not pregnant with a baby boy, as stated by a tweet posted on her Twitter account by a hacker. That is as false as the tweet on Thursday by a hacker who claimed to be Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on Glee, saying that he had been let go from the show. Glee will return for its sixth and final season in January 2015.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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