Google Glass Director Moves to Amazon

Google Glass

Google executive Babak Parviz, the director of Google Glass, recently left the company and moved to Amazon. He announced his departure from the search giant with a Google plus post this weekend where he confirmed that he has already begun working with Amazon. This move is coming right after the news that Parviz left his position as the head of Google Glass.

In an email to CNET, Parviz described that the primary reason for his move was his excitement of what kind of things can be done at Amazon. Speculators believe that Amazon sought out Parvez in order to augment their mobile technology, as most recently demonstrated with their new smartphone (The Fire Phone), existing tablets, and streaming TV devices.

Parvez’s jump is only expected to fuel the competition, not only between Amazon and Google, but all of the West Coast technology and computing companies. Last week, Amazon sued Google over a non-compete agreement over a recently hired cloud employe who did the opposite of what Parviz did by leaving Amazon and moving to Google. This employee was granted six months of not working on Amazon products during his new employment, in an effort to appease Amazon’s concerns, they remained dissatisfied and continued their lawsuit.

Parviz has not explained what he is working on, or intends to, but he did release the picture of the Amazon logo with the caption: “super excited.” The former Google Glass director described that he was the lead on the wearable computer projects for Google, but he is ready to accomplish more at the online retailer.

Parviz joined Google after he wrote an academic paper about how contacts embedded with electronics can be implemented into the mainstream world. This paper caught the eyes of the two co-founders of the search engine website: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Upon his arrival at Google, Parviz initiated the Google Glass project, the second endeavour taken by the Google X lab.

Last week, prior to his official move to Amazon, Parviz said that Google Glass is not necessarily the most that the technology can achieve, speculators have hypothesized that Parviz will be developing an even better iteration of his device for his new employer. In a conference with CNET, he said that wearable glasses are one product from the technology, but not the definitive product achievable.

An Amazon web service spokeswoman confirmed the move. Parviz had also been working on the Google Glass headset, and also the effort to develop glucose tracking contact lenses, aimed at helping diabetics live more freely. He has a Ph.D in electrical engineering  from the Sharif University in Tehran. Parviz has been with Google since 2010 and also works part-time as a professor for the University of Washington. He is in the process of moving back to his hometown of Seattle since that is where Amazon’s headquarters are. Google has not yet offered a comment on the move, nor can they pursue any legal action against the e-retailer or Parviz, since non-compete clauses are not allowed in California.

By Andres Loubriel



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