Houston Man Goes on a Killing Rampage


Just weeks after a Santa Barbara college student rapidly killed six people within miles from each other, Houston suffered from a similar situation this past Wednesday night. A Houston man is currently in custody for going on a killing rampage that resulted in six people dead in a suburban home. The man surrendered after being in a standoff with police for several hours.

Ron Lee Haskell, 34, was surrounded by police in a Houston suburb cul-de-sac late Wednesday night after being chased by authorities for three miles. Haskell allegedly killed six people that night and was forced to surrender. He willingly got out of his vehicle and dropped to his knees as police officers placed him under arrest.

The Houston man allegedly shot six people, execution-style, all ranging from ages 4 to 40. Four of the victims were children. There were two boys ages 4 and 14, and two girls, ages 7 and 9, that were found dead at the scene. Along with the children, the shooter also killed the father of the children, 39, and the mother, 33.

The shooting occurred in the Houston suburb of Spring at approximately 6 p.m. Despite killing the six members of the family, Haskell also shot the 15-year-old daughter of the couple. The girl did not die on-site, but is in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Haskell reportedly shot her in the head, but was able to call 911. She had frantically told the operator of the shooting and also the man’s intentions to kill her grandparents. She also mentioned that he left to possibly find other victims in addition to the six he had already shot during the killing rampage in Houston.

The young teenager, who is still unnamed, gave the 911 operator enough information to lead officers to finding his vehicle. This resulted in a 25-minute car chase through the Houston suburban area, eventually cornering Haskell in a cul-de-sac. The shooter had a gun to his head and kept officers at the standoff for almost three hours. The standoff consisted of calming Haskell down and was enough to convince him to exit his vehicle as he surrendered with his hands high.

A Houston investigator reported that Haskell came to the residence dressed as a FedEx delivery man and was looking for his wife, who is a relative of the family. The couple is currently estranged, and Haskell’s wife was not in the state of Texas during the shooting. Investigators reported that the shooting could have occurred due to a family dispute, leading to either a divorce or separation prior to his wife leaving the state.

Ron Lee Haskell, a Houston man, went on a killing rampage late Wednesday night that led to six people being killed and a 15-year-old girl being in critical care with a gun-shot injury to the head. He is currently being charged with capital murder. This incident is among the many tragedies that have occurred in the country that left innocent people being victims to one individual’s violent choice of action.

By Tricia Manalansan

Fox News
Huffington Post

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