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imagesImages judged to be the most interesting from the world of science for the month June 2014 were published in an article in the journal Nature. The images depict significant discoveries that were presented during June of this year. It can be considered that the journal Nature has done the public a service by putting together these images where they can be viewed easily and quickly in one place. The images were selected by the journal’s art team.

One of the images that was chosen was a thermal image of a koala bear hugging a tree. The research study that published the image in Biology Letters looked at how koala bears hugging trees seems to a way for them to cool down in hot weather. It was even suggested that hugging trees could be life-saving in very warm weather. The image is bright yellow and purple with a faint impression of a koala bear hugging a tree.

Another image showed a spacecraft built by NASA landing in darkness in Florida. The spacecraft was a prototype of a planetary lander that used new technology that could automatically identify hazards when landing on terrain that was uneven. The image shows a beam of light shining down from the lander with plumes of smoke billowing below it.

Other imagery displayed in the article included video footage from the International Space Station. Reid Wiseman, who is a US astronaut, took the image to show how the sun never sets when flying parallel with the terminator line. This was the first video imaging posted to a social media site called Vine from space.

Another image from the International Space Station was included and this image portrayed a “portal” going through the inside of the International Space Station. The image is reminiscent from scenes in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. It shows bluish light coming from a compartment that is far away in the middle of a greenish appearing tunnel. The picture was taken from the “Unity connecting module” looking through the “Destiny research laboratory” in the direction of the “Harmony utility hub.”

An image that won an award given out by the Save Our Seas Foundation was included as an image of the month in the article published by Nature. The picture was taken by Mac Stone and Joris van Alphen. The image shows a lobster investigating a camera in the seas off a coast in the Netherlands. The lobster’s claws are front and center while the lobster stares straight ahead at the camera.

A picture of a wave machine created at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom was chosen as an article of the month. The purpose of the wave machine is to simulate scale versions of waves and the machine is capable of creating a wave that is 28 meters high. The image shows a man standing at the perimeter of the wave machine pool while a tall wave is being produced in the center of the pool.

The journal Nature is considered to be a significant journal presenting many important articles on new developments in science, and the images of the month published recently are certainly worth taking a look at. The images are inspiring and beautiful as well.

Opinion by Margaret Lutze


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