Independence Day Sets the Tone for Summer Fashion

independence day

Although the Solstice might be the official start of summer, any fashion savvy customer knows that Independence Day sets the tone for summer fashion. Independence Day is the first long weekend in the summer and typically it is time to go to the beach, get a tan or maybe fire up that grill. Unfortunately, when the long weekend ends the bikinis and cut off shorts have to be put away.

After Independence Day the temperatures also begin to rise higher and higher on the East Coast of the U.S. It becomes more dificult to find acceptable fashion choices when even the idea of wearing clothes is unbearable. Going from the beach back to daily life is a hard transition. Luckily, Independence Day can set the tone for summer fashion, just leave the flip-flops at home.

Gender is a huge factor in fashion, although every year designers are getting more and more progressive. The best summer fashion tips for men are to find casual clothes in crisp colors and fabrics. While spending exorbitant amounts of money on such casual clothing as shorts or shirts can seem ridiculous, it is the best way to beat the heat and still look fresh and clean. The best colors to aim for are whites (do not get them dirty!), light pinks, salmon or baby blue. Think of faded Easter Eggs and shop for shirts in those colors. Fabrics on the other hand, can be a little tougher. Seersucker is becoming more and more accepted as professional, depending on who is doing the asking. Khakis are always acceptable, although make sure to go for a lighter weight. If pants must be worn then nice, pressed chinos are a winner—especially cuffed at the ankle.

Women have much more freedom in their fashion choices, but it can be easy to go too far. Never make the crucial mistake of showing too much skin. While the sundress is the go-to for summertime fashion, it is important to choose the right kind of summer dress. A modest summer dress can be hard to find and expensive, but if nothing else, make sure that the straps of the dress completely cover the shoulders. Skinny straps are the biggest fashion faux-paux for respectable casual fashion. Sundresses can still be fun though! The prints that have been coming off the runway get more fun and flirty with every season. Also a fuller skirt is not only flattering, but actually gives access to a nice breeze. Stay cool, while looking cool.

The reason why Independence Day sets the tone for summer fashion is because beach fashion is really the exception when it comes to the summertime. No matter how expensive and smart swim trunks are, money should really be spent on clothes with staying power. The first and best investment for summer is one that can help transition from the beach to the boardroom: sunglasses. Expensive, designer or even just flattering sunglasses are one of the best items to have on hand at all times. Not just during the summer either! They are also great for driving into the sunset after a long day anytime of year.

Opinion By Sindhu Reddy

Chicago Now
LA Weekly
The Oakland Press

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