Innovative Inventions Everyone Will Want [Video]


What are the newest and best inventions that are so innovative that everyone is going want them? Some are looking for funding and many are full-fledged, on the market designs that makes one wonder “Why didn’t I think of that?” This article is going to take a look at the big, the bad, and the crazy cool world of inventions for this century, that everyone will want for their own.

inventionsThe Coolest Cooler is still on Kickstarter looking for funding and includes a video of how it works. This innovative re-design of the basic cooler definitely is the coolest, it includes a built-in radio, charging port for your devices, and a built-in blender. Just flip the lid and the owner can actually attach the included blender onto the lid and be the life of the party. Larger wheels and a sturdy design, with a customizable  interior is just the thing if the family wants to go to the beach, add a built-in bottle opener, and this could just be the invention that beach goers have been waiting for.

ICU Pooch is the invention of a 13-year-old girl who did not like that her dog got anxiety when left alone. She decided that if she could talk to her dog when they were out of the house and even give her a treat it would solve the problem. ICU Pooch is a video chat app that can remotely dispense a doggie treat, and allow a pet owner to talk to their pet also. Inventions like this are acknowledged by the Young Scientist Competition, and this innovative young girl has earned her spot this year.

InventionsPencil Pusher is the next step in recycling, and is as innovative as it gets for office gadgets. This little machine has been designed but not yet manufactured, and will turn used paper into a pencil. The concept is to feed paper in, and it will wrap around a piece of lead within the chamber while gluing it together. When completed a brand new pencil will emerge from the end of the machine as shown in this concept sketch. This would significantly cut down on the need to go to the recycling center with used paper, and the inventor was a finalist in an international contest.

inventionsThe Ping Pong Door is something that could take an ordinary everyday useful item, such as an interior door and turn it into an indoor game. The world has seen the dutch doors, doggy doors, but nothing quite as intriguing and fun-filled as this. Inventions should fill a need, and ping-pong is not exactly something that is lacking in everyday life, however, it could be something for the family that enjoys game night. Imagine putting the board games away, and playing an active game of ping-pong right in the living room or bedroom or wherever you want to hang this ingenious door.

There are so many innovative, cool and even crazy inventions that it would take years to review them all. The video below explores the brilliant ones, to the ones that make other inventors scratch their heads, with designs from the imaginative minds of the worlds entrepreneurs.

By Kristi Cereska


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