Inside Rising Star: Kesha and Ludacris Give Advice [Videos]

Inside Rising Star

Inside Rising Star

Kesha and Ludacris, two of the panel of three Experts from Rising Star on ABC — the third one being Brad Paisley — shared some of their thoughts about the popular hit program and advice to contestants from here on out on tonight’s episode of Music Choice’s Inside Rising Star. It is the weekly behind-the-scenes look at ABC’s musical reality series Rising Star and airs Thursdays on Music Choice Play at 8:00 pm ET.

Kesha and Ludacris are both definitely not shy about revealing what they think when it comes to fashion, music, or pretty much any other topic. In the video clips below from tonight’s episode of Inside Rising Star, Kesha discusses what song she would perform if she were a contestant on Rising Star. She also offers the remaining contestants some good, no-nonsense advice.

In the first video clip below featuring Ludacris, he wonders about the reasons why Rising Star contestant, Gabrielle Nicole, did not receive enough votes to continue on and was eliminated. Nicole seemed like a tough contender who might win the whole thing.  Inside Rising Star

The second video clip featuring Ludacris has him giving some timely advice, but it is not exactly like the type of advice Kesha gave to contestants. It is advice to people who have not yet downloaded the Rising Star app, allowing them to vote for whichever contestants they think deserve to continue on in the competition. The free Rising Star ABC app can be downloaded through the Apple App Store, Windows Market Place, or the Google Play Store.

Inside Rising Star is an exclusive, weekly, 30-minute inside look at the new ABC reality series Rising Star that is only available on Music Choice Play. The show’s host is Cumulus Radio’s Ralphie Aversa. By watching Inside Rising Star, viewers will get to check out weekly behind-the-scenes exclusives, interviews, and candid moments with the contestants. It is produced by Music Choice.

Ralphie Aversa has platforms in television, radio, print and the Internet, making him a genuine quadruple threat. He really shines when it comes to conducting interviews. He has interviewed people as diverse as Matt Damon and Lady Gaga. Aversa has also covered parts of the 2008 Presidential Election and The GRAMMYs. He offers exclusive interviews, hit music, and candid commentary on the stories of the day.

Inside Rising Star will be on Music Choice Play every Thursday for the next 10 weeks. Fans of ABC’s Rising Star will get to see an up close and personal look at that week’s episode of Rising Star and a sneak peek of the next episode.

Back episodes of Inside Rising Star are also available to be viewed. They are available on Music Choice On Demand for the remainder of the season. Music Choice is available in 57 million homes nationwide. Its programs are available through televisions, online and mobile devices. The service also offers thousands of videos. Music Choice Play’s programming includes the hottest videos and it is the lifestyle and entertainment network for Millennials.

Kesha and Ludacris are two of the three Experts on the panel of Rising Star on ABC. With Brad Paisley, the three can chose to add their seven percent of the total overall votes contestants are able to receive by voting “yes,” or deny competitors their votes by voting “no.” All of the Experts are among the most well-known singers in their respective styles or genres of music and they all definitely are not afraid of giving out advice. Check out the videos below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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