Japanese Teenager Allegedly Murdered and Dismembered Schoolmate

Japanese Teenager Allegedly Murdered and Dismembered Schoolmate

Japanese Teenager Allegedly Murdered and Dismembered Schoolmate

A Japanese teenager, age 15, has been taken into custody on the supposed suspicion that she allegedly murdered and dismembered of one of her schoolmates. The suspect, whose name has yet to be released to the public, reportedly confessed to strangling her victim and then cutting off both her head and left hand, reported a Japanese news agency on Sunday.

The alleged murderer supposedly struck numerous hits to the head of Aiwa Matsuo, also age 15, with some type of metal instrument before she strangled her. The killing took place in the city of Sasebo, which is located in Nagasaki Prefecture. That is in the south-west part of Japan.

The victim’s body was discovered lying on a bed inside the suspect’s apartment early on Sunday morning and police investigators also found various types of tools lying close by, stated written detective reports.

The suspect, who stated that she resided in a different area than her parents but that they did live in the same city, explained to Japanese authorities that she acted alone, reported local media outlets.

Matsuo was reported to have gone out to meet with some friends on Saturday afternoon but her parents quickly got in touch with police when she did not come home that night. Reports state that when she failed to return in the evening, that was when the parents began to panic and told investigators that their daughter was missing.

She and her alleged killer both graduated from the same high school. Violent crimes are still fairly uncommon in Japan but a number of high-profile cases in current years have raised the public’s concern.

Sasebo also made the news main headlines back in 2004 when a schoolgirl ended up stabbing one of her classmates to death.

The police reports state that the suspect allegedly gave the victim the blows on the head the very first thing. She then proceeded to strangle her until she was finally dead. After that was when she proceeded to the decapitations of the victim’s head and hand from her body.

As was mentioned above, both girls had already graduated from the same high school in Japan. The body of Matsuo was discovered inside the suspect’s apartment on Sunday morning in a bed and there were some sort of tools that had been placed close to it but police did not mention what types of apparatuses they were.

As was mentioned before, the suspect lives in the city of Sasebo, which is located in the Nagasaki Prefecture, in south-west Japan. When she was questioned by investigators if she had any help, the suspect reportedly said that she acted alone in the beating, murder and dismemberment of the other girl. There is an ongoing investigation in progress to see if police can find a possible motive and anything else which might aid the police find out why such a horrible crime happened.

The Japanese teenager is in custody on alleged suspicion that she is behind the murder of one of her schoolmates and also dismembered the other teen girl’s body.

By Kimberly Ruble


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