Jennifer Lopez Has Water Mite Named in Her Honor

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of the world’s best singers, she is successful in the fashion industry, as an actress, co-executive producer at NUVOtv and now she has begun her conquest over science by having a water mite named in her honor. The recently discovered mite’s scientific name is Litarachna lopezae and the news about its discovery was reported in a study published online on Tuesday in the peer-reviewed Zookeys journal.

Bronx-born “Jenny from the block” Lopez has fans everywhere, even among international scientists. When the scientists discovered a previously unknown water mite in Puerto Rico, where Jennifer’s parents are from, it was almost as if Charles Darwin spoke to them from Beyond. It was a sign that the tiny water mite must be dubbed with a name that would make it live forever in the annals of science, so it was named after Jennifer Lopez.

Scientists like to let their hair down now and then. The team of scientists in Puerto Rico jammed out to J-Lo’s tunes and videos. They also took a little bit of time out from their busy lives of researching water mites and writing the study on Litarachna lopezae to watch some soccer matches from the FIFA World Cup.

One of the scientists, from the University of Montenegro, was Vladimir Pesic. He and the entire team of scientists found that they bonded over their love of scientific knowledge and their love of Jennifer Lopez. According to Pesic, some of his favorite J-Lo songs are Ain’t It Funny, I Luh Ya Papi and All I Have, which is reportedly Pesic’s favorite J-Lo song. The songs of J-Lo kept the whole team in a happy mood and helped ease the drudgery of writing up their findings.

The “water mite from the block” was discovered by the scientists approximately 230-feet underwater in a coral reef located in the Mona Passage. The Mona Passage lies directly between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The water mite was found at the greatest depth ever that pontarachnid mites have been discovered at before. The team of scientists also visited the reef, collected water mites and conducted research there between 2010-2012. The trips were funded and organized by the Caribbean Coral Reef Institute and the University of Puerto.

Besides Jennifer Lopez, other celebs have also had animals and insects named after them. For instance, there is a spider named after Bono of the rock group U2, a trilobite is named in honor of Mick Jagger and Bob Marley has the distinction of having had a marine parasite found only in the named after him.

During the FIFA World Cup 2014, Pesic said that each of the scientists had their favorite soccer teams they rooted for while studying water mites and listening to Jennifer Lopez songs. Pesic said that, as he is from Europe, he rooted for Germany. They thought that naming the water mite they had discovered and done research on after Jennifer Lopez would be fitting honor to the person whose upbeat songs kept them entertained while they documented their research findings. While they could not agree on any one particular team to support, they were all united by their love of the music of J-Lo.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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