Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm Prove Porcupines Are Prickly to Pronounce

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon spewed food all over each other in a skit called “Palisades Park Pet Patrol” and proved that porcupines are prickly to pronounce. Also, Martha Stewart demonstrated she has a flair for making Cubano sandwiches. Still, Fallon makes a good Cubano himself and the judge of the “Cubano-Off” was the show’s bandleader, Ahmir-Khalib “Questlove” Thompson. Also, actress Brit Marling from the new movie I Origins was a guest.

After Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious opening monologue and “Thank You Notes” segment, the first guest was Jon Hamm. The Mad Men star was sporting a beard. He was very funny, trading quips with Fallon. Hamm, who is a long-time friend of Fallon’s, said he is now doing a television show with Daniel Radcliffe on Ovation, called A Young Doctor’s Notebook. Hamm said that he “plays the older version of him that only exists in his mind.” In a video clip from the show, Hamm danced the Waltz with Radcliffe while discussing the younger doctor’s love life.

Back from a commercial break, Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon talked about “a show we did back in the 1980s called Palisades Park Pet Control.” Fallon showed a supposed video clip from it. Both Hamm and Fallon were stuffing their faces with food in the skit while trying to talk to each other, using a lot of words that begin with the letter “p.” They (of course) ended up spitting food on each other. Then, Fallon said he had another clip, and…more spitting of food ensued. They both ended up with food all over their faces. Fallon had to contend with a fake mustache that kept trying to fall off.

There was a third clip that was even funnier, where Jon Hamm talked about a “porcupine that poked and pricked people.” He immediately got the ice cream he was eating all over Fallon’s face. They ended up with food all over themselves, but it was pretty darn funny. Sophomoric, sure, but still funny.

Brit Marling was Fallon’s next guest. She plays a molecular biologist in the neew flick, I Origins. She told Jimmy Fallon that she accidentally broke an experiment someone where they were filming had been working on for two years. She felt bad about it and worked with him as a lab assistant for a couple of months after the filming was over.

Brit told Jimmy said that the movie is about “love at first sight.” In the video clip, she talked with an actor on the phone about making a breakthrough that has enabled her to grow an eye under laboratory conditions.

Jon Hamm

There was not much time left in The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, but Fallon still managed to fit in a segment that was a Cubano-Off with Martha Stewart. She made Sour Cherry Cocktails first and told him to “macerate the cherries.” She did not skimp on the vodka.

Jimmy Fallon put a “Dome of Silence” on Questlove’s head so he could not hear him talking with Martha about what they will put in the Cubano sandwiches that they were about to make. Jimmy Fallon said he did not like mayonnaise and added that “Mayonnaise makes me want to vomit. Ew! It reminds me of pus.”

His “secret ingredient” in the sandwich he made was “coleslaw.” Questlove tried out both sandwiches after another commercial break. Both have Black Forest ham in them. Jimmy did not seem to really know much about making Cubano sandwiches and looked like he was just trying to make one that was almost like Martha’s Cubano.

Back from the break, Questlove had the Dome of Silence off and he tried a bite out of both sandwiches. He liked the second one he tried better. Questlove said “I liked the coleslaw.” Jimmy Fallon somehow managed to beat Stewart in the “Cubano-Off.”

Friday nights are often the best ones of the week when it comes to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Tonight’s episode was no exception, though there were other pretty funny episodes this week, as well, like the one on Tuesday with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and on Thursday with Martin Freeman. The three skits that Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm did proved that porcupines and other prickly “p” words are difficult to pronounce when one’s mouth is full of food.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photos by: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC