Justin Bieber Charged With Vandalism

Justin Bieber Charged With Vandalism

Justin Bieber has been charged with vandalism in his egging case from January. The pop singer was charged on Wednesday with a count of misdemeanor vandalism which was linked with an egg assault on Jan. 9, that happened to one of his previous neighbor’s homes in the city of Calabasas, California, stated the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

Bieber, age 20, did not appear in the courtroom for his arraignment at 1:30 p.m. in Van Nuys but through his attorney, he pleaded to “no-contest” under a plea deal that stated he would not serve any jail time. It had been worked out with California prosecutors, explained an anonymous source, who was close to the case, speaking to the media.

He was given a sentence of misdemeanor probation for two year and also told to do five days of community service. He was ordered to pay $80,900 in restitution to the neighbors. He has also been sentenced to attend an anger management program and has to keep away from the victims, Jeff and Suzie Schwartz, for two years.

The Boyfriend singer did not have to appear in court himself in Van Nays, yet his lawyers’ entered the no contest plea in his behalf. The decision over what Bieber would end up being charged with was proclaimed by authorities earlier in the morning. Regardless of all this, things worked out fairly well for the singer.

He could have been given a sentence of felony vandalism that was based on the high cost amount of the damage he had been accused of causing. However the amount he was fined was a lot higher than the $20,000 amount of raw egg destruction estimate which had been reported beforehand. It took the authorities several months to decide on the misdemeanor change in lieu of the felony one.

In February, Bieber got away from the scene of the Calabasas egging crime and took off for Atlanta to stay for a few months. He ended up selling his house to Khloe Kardashian. Since that time he has allegedly went back to southern California and decided to rent several Beverly Hills condos, which has been to the dismay of his brand new neighbors.

As for legal charges, Justin has been running on a high note as of late, at least in a legal sense. In June he was able to get around a felony charge that was linked to a supposed snatching of a cellphone event. He was said to have allegedly got a plea deal. Apparently his Miami DUI suspicion arrest was changed to another charger, that being a reckless driver incident without any sort of jail time or even any probation to go with it

The singer was sighted once more back in Miami for the long Fourth of July weekend. He was spotted at one time actually having to plead with a female, who was in the middle of a hoard of photographers, to back up approximately 10 feet so he would be able to remove himself from his automobile. However no one needs to worry because Bieber was able to make his yacht party just fine.

None of this apparently impressed Suzie Schwartz. She was allegedly upset that the singer did not come to his Wednesday court hearing, She stated that Bieber did the vandalism so he should have been able to admit it in court. Regardless, Bieber was charged with misdemeanor vandalism in the case.

By Kimberly Ruble


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