Justin Bieber Gets Two Years Probation for Egg-Throwing Incident

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been given two years of probation for the egg-throwing incident earlier this year. He decided to plead no contest to the vandalism charges after the district attorney decided that there was enough evidence to charge him. The Canadian singer has also been given five days community service and now officially has a criminal record.

As well as the probation and community service, the 20-year-old will have to attend anger management classes for 12 weeks. It is clear from his various run-ins with the law that he has an issue with his anger, and it could get him into a lot more trouble in the future. Bieber will also need to pay for the damages to his neighbor’s property, which total just less than $81,000.

The incident occurred at the start of the year. Police were called during the middle of the night, and the neighbor instantly blamed the troubled pop star and his friends. While the neighbor took a video of the incident, it was difficult to make out the culprit exactly. However, police did bring the singer in for questioning, and searched his home for evidence. They found much more than proof of him being involved in the egg-throwing incident, but he was never charged with anything else. The warrant did not cover enough for the drugs that they found.

At the time of the incident, it was thought that the value of the damage was around $20,000, according to Cosmopolitan. However, the damage has now been totalled to $80,900. All that was from around 20 eggs thrown at the property. According to prosecutors, a lot of work was needed afterwards and it was the neighbor’s “dream house.” It was only fair for the Boyfriend singer to pay for all the actual damages and not just an estimation.

Bieber has been given two years of probation for the egg-throwing incident. He will also need to remain 100 yards away from his neighbor. He has since moved from the home in Los Angeles, which will be a relief to those in the area. The egg-throwing was not the first time neighbors had complained, as he reportedly used to use the area for drag racing.

The anger management classes were part of a plea bargain, according to TMZ. There will be at least one class per week, but some weeks could have more if they are needed. It is unclear what will happen should it be found he needs more classes afterwards. It is unlikely that he will choose to continue with them himself judging by recent behavior.

During the month of the egg-throwing, Bieber found himself in more trouble with the law. It was just days before his drink driving incident in Miami and a few weeks before he allegedly turned himself in for a previous incident in Toronto, Canada.

The legal problems are not completely over for the Baby singer, but at least one is now out of the way. Now Bieber just needs to behave for the next two years as he has been given probation for the egg-throwing incident.

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