Katie Holmes Declares Independence With Glamour Topless Photo

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes marked the two-year anniversary of her split with Tom Cruise with a cover photo on the newest issue of Glamour magazine. The 35-year-old film star further declared her independence in an interview and an additional strategically covered topless photo within the Glamour issue. The dark-haired beauty claims to be single at the moment as she chooses her next acting role. Holmes was recently replaced by Kate Upton as the face of the Bobbi Brown line of cosmetics. She appears to have taken the switch in stride as she moves on to new ventures.

Holmes recently took a spin behind the camera with an AOL documentary which is part of the AOL In Short series in which actors take a turn as director of their own short film. In Holmes’ directorial debut, she interviews New York notables to discuss what made them successful. Her interview subjects included Jill Abramson, the first woman to become executive editor of the New York Times, Jane Rosenthal, a movie producer, and Renee Robinson, a former principal dancer at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Holmes admits her ultimate goal is to direct a feature film.

The mother of Suri, her eight-year-old daughter with Tom Cruise, sticks with a low-key lifestyle in New York. Even though she embarked on a short directorial stint with AOL, Holmes still regularly exercises her acting abilities. She starred in a Tribeca Film Festival independent film entitled Miss Meadows, in which her character is a prim and proper vigilante killer who toys with the local sheriff played by James Badge Dale. The film has had mixed reviews, but represents an attempt to further develop her acting chops in an independent film. Holmes also has a supporting part in the upcoming science fiction drama The Giver. Holmes is the mother of Jonas, who begins to uncover dark secrets about the world of conformity in which they live. The movie is based on the book with the same title by Lois Lowry.

Although Katie Holmes may have declared her independence from Tom Cruise and struck a demur topless pose for Glamour, she has not avoided her television roots. Holmes began her acting career as a teenager, gaining fame in the show Dawson’s Creek. She is returning to television to star in a new high society drama which is filming a pilot for ABC. The new drama sports Dangerous Liaisons type intrigue among the upper crust. Holmes plays Ann, a well-bred and educated woman who runs a charitable foundation with her husband. After her husband’s illicit affair wrecks her marriage, Ann learns how to match deceit on her own terms. The new series does not yet have a title or an announced time for airing the pilot episode.

The Toledo, Ohio raised Holmes seems to be taking things well in stride. She spent her time in the ultimate limelight as the wife of mega-star Cruise. Although not a low profile person by any means, she is embarking on an acting career under her own terms and time frames. After her divorce from Cruise, Holmes picks projects that interest her. Now that she has declared her independence and even took a turn behind the camera, Katie Holmes is unafraid to let her hair down, even in a tasteful topless photo for the pages of Glamour.

By William Costolo

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