Kendra Devastated by Hank’s Betrayal

Kendra Devastated by Hank's Betrayal

Kendra Wilkinson Baskett, most know from being a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner’s and her reality shows, is devastated. Kendra is devastated by her husband Hank Baskett’s betrayal of their marriage vows and is pondering divorce. The couple recently acknowledged their fifth wedding anniversary, but there was not much to celebrate. What should have been a happy occasion turned out to be a slap in the face of commitment.

The reality star is dazed and confused as she sorts things out in her life. Kendra, the usual bubbly, blue-eyed blond, is depressed, angry and still recovering from giving birth to a second child. The fairy-tale marriage has taken a very dire detour because of Baskett’s selfish pleasures. The fallout from his escapades with a trans-sexual model will have lasting effects on many lives.

Late in April of this year, Baskett found some YouTube videos that sparked his interest beyond the computer and into the arms of another person. Kendra was preparing for the birth of a daughter at the time, and was eight months pregnant. Although Kendra and Hank have suffered their share of ups and downs, the couple have enjoyed being parents to now four year old Hank IV. The curly haired little boy has been the love of their lives and is ready to be a big brother. Little Alijah Mary was born on May 16,2014, only days after her father went for a sexy romp with a stranger.

Kendra Devastated by Hank's BetrayalKendra was left in the dark as her husband played around with his new friend. Ava Sabrina London, who was born a man, welcomed the short affair with no strings attached. Baskett did his thing with the model and then offered silence money before returning home to his little family. He let his hankering get the best of him, even though London still has a penis as well as two large breasts. The sordid event has left everyone embarrassed and distraught. London reportedly has received close to $7,500 for her participation in the gymnastics endeavor.

Upon learning the truth by some fashion, Kendra, a new mother, promptly threw all of their wedding pictures into the pool. She flushed her wedding ring down the toilet and somehow tended to her children by herself.  Baskett reportedly flew the coop and headed home to New Mexico with his tail between his legs. It looks as if the marriage is over at this point. Kendra has to take care of herself and her children as she faces each new day. She is devastated by her husband Hank’s betrayal and it will be a long recovery process for everyone involved.

Kendra, a native of San Diego, had a rough life. She grew up without her father present, had sex at an early age and nearly died from a drug overdose at age 16.  She struggled for several years, yet succeeded in meeting Hugh Hefner, of Playboy fame, on his 78th birthday. Kendra quickly found herself living at the Playboy mansion where she was treated royally and starred in the reality series The Girls Next Door. Hefner, now 88, has reached out to his friend during this difficult time.

Things all changed when Kendra met Baskett, an NFL player, and fell in love. The pair seemed so happy and were married at the mansion on June 27, 2009. Baskett was forgiving of Kendra’s previous sexcapades which all happened before their marriage. For her, it all changed when she said I do. For him, it appears as if he is making up for lost time. Baskett’s family and marriage time has now been lost with his devastating betrayal and by the hands of his own playing field.

By: RoanneFitzGibbon


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