Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Marriage on the Rocks?

Kim Kardashian

Recent reports suggest that the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is on the rocks. They are just two months into their marriage, and are struggling to agree on important issues. One of those issues is when to have a second baby.

Allegedly, the reality TV show star would like a second baby now but it is West who is saying no. This is rather surprising considering the rapper was the one who wanted to have more children. Before the wedding, the reality TV star was the one debating about whether to have any more children. She had a difficult time with her first pregnancy, and started to wonder whether it was worth having a second child. Their pre-nuptial agreement reportedly states that there will be extra children and West was even willing to pay his wife to carry at least a second child.

Looking into the details, it makes sense for the 36-year-old rapper to want to wait. He will be embarking on a worldwide tour shortly, and would not want to leave his wife and children alone for too long. It makes sense to wait until he is back when he can be a more hands-on dad. He did miss out on moments with his daughter North, and was reportedly disappointed about that.

However, the talk of children does not seem to be the only reason for Kardashian and West’s marriage being on the rocks. It seems like the rapper is already fed up with his wife’s attitude. She likes to go on vacation and spend money. Meanwhile, he likes to work. He is a performer deep down and enjoys being on the stage. If he is not on the stage, he wants to be in the album. He really does enjoy working rather than relaxing for too long.

It is not just West who is having problems with the marriage. Some reports earlier in the month suggested that Kardashian was in a controlling relationship and it would not be long until she gave up and ended the marriage.

This is the 33-year-old’s third marriage, and many have wondered whether it was all just for the money and fame. Some have suggested that the marriage has nothing to do with love but social status, so it is doomed to fail anyway.

It is worth taking the rumors with a grain of salt. The tabloids like to turn any story into a marriage disaster. Some of the “proof” used that the marriage is on the rocks is that Kardashian was spotted eating alone. At the same time, the couple posted photos of both together while on their vacation. There will be instances where they are separated from each other but that does not mean they are splitting up or having problems. It just means that they are human and like to have time apart from each other. It is a good sign in reality!

There are going to be disagreements and they may not have decided fully when they will have a second child. However, none of that means that Kardashian and West’s marriage is on the rocks.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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