Malaysian Airlines Waives Fees for Passengers Wishing to Cancel

Malaysian Airlines

Despite the most recent incident not being the fault of the company, Malaysian Airlines has agreed to waive fees for passengers wishing to cancel their flights. This is available for all flights up until December 31, 2014, but only available until July 24. Passengers can also change their flights if they wish and will not be charged the extra fees.

The decision comes after MH17 was shot down in Ukraine airspace. Families have been left asking questions over who exactly was involved in the incident. The Russians are blaming the Ukrainians, while the Ukrainians are blaming the Russians.

While the actions are devastating enough, it comes just months after MH370 went missing. On March 8, the Boeing 777 mysteriously disappeared and was never found before the little black box’s battery died. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding this event, including that the passengers are still alive and someone will use them for terrorist negotiations. All the families want to know is what has happened to their loved ones.

The two incidents have led to some people choosing to never fly with Malaysian Airlines again. It is a difficult decision to make. While passengers understand that the second incident, at least, was not the company’s fault, it seems like the airline is doomed for disaster. The company understand this completely, which is why passengers flying on Malaysian Airlines can cancel or postpone their flights without worrying about the fees involved. Even those with non-refundable tickets will get a refund if they wish to cancel. Those who used flight miles will gain a full refund in flight miles.

Neither incident is connected, but two planes from the same airline being involved in incidents so close together is unprecedented. It is nerve-wracking for those wondering what will come next. After all, there is an old wives’ tale that states things always happen in threes.

Malaysian Airlines has also recently announced that the flight number MH17 will be retired. This is out of respect for those involved in the shot down plane.

Despite the events, there are still a number of passengers willing to fly with the airline company. Many recognize that there is nothing the company could have done about the second incident, and they know that it could have happened to any airline. It was just a coincidence that it happened to Malaysian Airlines.

The aircraft was not the only one that flew the same route as MH17. Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa both flew the route and were safe from harm. It was a case of being in the “wrong place at the wrong time.”

Those who are dealing with the loss of family members are being supported by the airline. Representatives announced that accommodation and flights are available, and the family members need to get in touch with the company. Emotional support will also be available, along with financial support. The company Facebook page has all the information that people will need if they want to take the offer of Malaysian Airlines waiving the fee for cancelling or changing their flights.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent


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