Marvel Comics Blowout Through July 29

marvelMarvel Comics is offering a blowout of a sale through July 29. For only $.99 anyone can read up to 15,000 comics. Comic-Con International 2014 is running from July 24 to July 27 in San Diego with July 23 being their preview night. The event will be located at the San Diego Convention Center on Harbor Drive. Marvel Comics, owner of comic Con, will be offering its 15,000 volume collection of comics for online reading for $.99 from July 23 to midnight July 29 to commemorate the opening of Comic-Con International 2014.

This deal can be found at the the comics company website. By purchasing a monthly subscription and entering the promo code on the site readers will have 30 days to peruse comics for $.99. The offer is open to new Marvel Unlimited members. After the first month, to remain a member will cost the standard rate of $9.99 per month.

Diehard comics fans or those reading comics for the first time will have access to Silver age or Golden age Comics as recent as the last six months. Although only digital versions of the magazines, Marvel Unlimited also offers its online readers special content designed for digital reading. Infinite Comics are specially designed for online reading only. They also offer readers special video content that goes behind the scenes. Content like this is offered in a few issues, The Avengers and the Captain America series in six issues. To view the comics, a PC, MAC or an Android Marvel Unlimited App is needed. Ryan Penagos, editorial director, summed up the blowout deal by saying that fans could read “a hell of a lot of comics” in 30 days for only $.99 up until July 29.

In 1932 Martin Goodman began to publish under the name of Timely Publications. In August 1939, he published Marvel’s first issue under the Timely label. In the 1950s, the Atlas name was used. The Fantastic Four were penned by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1961. The company’s long line of superheroes headed to the comic arena, bringing in old-time favorites like Iron Man, The Avengers, The Hulk, X-Men and Spiderman. In 1968, after 36 years in publishing, Marvin Goodman closed up shop, selling Marvel to Cadence Industries. In 1986, Cadence resold the company to New World Entertainment and by that time the company was the number one comic publisher in the industry.

Ronald Perelman, owner of MacAndrews Andrews and Forbes purchased a weakening Marvel from New World in 1989. In 1991, Perelman sold 40 percent to the public as a stock offering, and it became one of the fastest-growing stocks of the early ’90s. It grew quickly during that time, purchasing Skybox, Fleer and Heroes World. In 1996 Marvel filed bankruptcy due to an economic downside in the comics publishing industry. Toy Biz, a subsidiary of the comics company, managed to salvage the company from bankruptcy by downsizing company holdings in 1998. The first Spiderman feature film was released in 2002, and comic sales rebounded. Walt Disney purchased the company in 2009.

Iron Man, the Hulk, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, all are waiting for comics fans everywhere to pick up a comic book, or in this case a tablet, and dive into some reading pleasure, at least for the next month. Marvel’s 15,000 comics for $.99 deal runs through July 29.

By Dennis De Rose



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