Matt Bendik, Boyfriend of “Glee” Actress Becca Tobin, Found Dead

Becca Tobin

The boyfriend of Becca Tobin, an actress currently starring on the hit musical comedy television show “Glee,” has died in Philadelphia. The death of Matt Bendik was confirmed by Emily Yomtobian, his publicist, who reported on Friday that she had not been given any other information regarding his death. Officials confirmed to The Associated Press that they were called to Hotel Monaco in Philadelphia just after 1:00 p.m. on Thursday after Bendik’s body was discovered by a hotel maid. Officer Christine O’Brien confirmed that Bendik was found laying on his stomach in his bed, unresponsive.  Shortly after the arrival of authorities, he was pronounced dead.

The 31-year-old Bendik was a graduate of Cornell University and a nightclub entrepreneur, whose resume included the popular DBA in West Hollywood as well as the AV nightclub and Avertine restaurant. The AV club is regarded as one of the more difficult clubs in which to gain entry. Notable visitors to the club include Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo. DBA changed its marquee to read “We love you Matt” and posted a photo of the message online Thursday. In addition to his ownership of numerous clubs, Bendik worked at the ADDICTION nightclub inside of the Modern Honolulu Hotel as “Director of Nightlife.”

Bendik’s Instagram page contains many photos of himself with Tobin, 28, the latest of which was posted last month. Just one day prior to his death, Bendik posted a photo of Tobin to his Instagram account with the hashtag “WCW,” which means “woman crush Wednesday.”

TMZ is reporting that Benzik was in Philadelphia on a business trip. Although it was originally thought that Tobin had accompanied him on the trip, later reports indicate that she was not. Bendik reportedly spent Wednesday evening with friends, who said that there had been nothing especially notable about the night.  The website has also spoken with officials, who indicate that there were no signs of suicide or foul play in Bendik’s room, nor were there signs of drugs or weapons present.

Tobin has appeared on the Fox series since 2012 in the role of cheerleader Kitty Wilde. Before the tragic news of Bendik’s death reached her, she was busy promoting a line of ethical fashions, sharing a shoe giveaway on her Instagram account.

The Daily Mail is quoting a source who claims that Bendik’s family fears that high levels of stress due to the expansion of his business may have caused him to have a heart attack. The same source also relates that Tobin had wanted to marry Bendik and raise a family with him.  She is described as “inconsolable.” Bendik’s family is described as “devastated.” Ricky Rollins, manager of Tobin, declined to comment Friday out of “respect to both the Bendik and Tobin families.”

Sadly, Tobin is not the first “Glee” actress to lose her boyfriend suddenly. One year ago, on July 13, star Lea Michele’s boyfriend, Cory Monteith, who also appeared on “Glee,” was found dead in his hotel room in his native Vancouver of an accidental alcohol and heroin overdose. In that instance, signs of alcohol and drugs were found at the scene.

By Jennifer Pfalz

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