Mila Kunis Never Wanted to Get Married

Mila Kunis

Before Ashton Kutcher proposed, Mila Kunis never wanted to get married. The Black Swan actress is W’s cover star for the August 2014 issue, and gave a lengthy interview about her plans after having the baby and her upcoming wedding.

During the interview, she spoke about falling for Kutcher. Although the two reportedly never got on while on set of That 70’s Show, that time together is useful now. The two have seen the best and worst of each other, and there is nothing to hide. Kunis admitted that knowing he has seen the worst is reassuring and means that she is more comfortable around him.

She also shared that Kutcher was actually her first kiss. On That 70’s Show, the two played on-screen love interests, Jackie and Kelso. Kelso was Jackie’s first everything, and Kunis was just 14 or 15 when they started filming. They even went to prom together on the show.

Something that many people will not realize is that Kutcher was actually the actress’ first crush too. It would make sense that she would have a crush with someone on set at 14 years old, and Kutcher is six years older than her so a crush on him would have been likely. It especially helps that the two were in close proximity to each other. Now she is just happy that she gets to marry her crush.

The idea of marriage surprised her. When Kunis was 12 she made it clear to her parents that she never wanted to get married. She got them ready for a spinster lifestyle, and made them exceptionally happy when she agreed to marry her long-term boyfriend. Her parents are not even that bothered that the couple plans to have a quiet ceremony.

The two want to do it quickly and privately. There will be no guests, and definitely suits their lifestyle together. It was only recently that the two confirmed they were engaged and expecting a baby, after months of rumors circling around the media. Both understandably prefer their personal lives to remain private, and will only share news when they are happy and ready to do it.

So, why is she getting married now? Like many women, her views changed. She decided that she did want to get married after finding the person she loved.

When it comes to motherhood, she is going to be a full-time mom. The Friends With Benefits star admits that acting was never her dream job. It was a passion that just turned into a job, and she is thankful that she gets to do something she enjoys. When she has the baby, her focus will be on being a mom and not on her career. While some women will look down on that, she does not care. There are plenty of others who will support her decision, and more importantly her husband-to-be and family support her decision. All her family will be surprised at is the fact that Kunis is getting married when she said it would never happen.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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