Peaches Geldof’s Mother Ultimate to Blame for Her Death?

Peaches Geldof

Piers Morgan has sparked outrage after saying that Peaches Geldof’s mother is ultimately to blame for the socialite’s death. Paula Yates died of a heroin overdose in 2000, and the 25-year-old’s death in April scarily mirrored that death.

The TV personality took to Twitter to hit out at those who were speaking viciously about the mother of two. On July 23, an inquest found that Geldof’s death was likely due to a heroin overdose. Her younger son may have been left alone for as long as 17 hours because of the death, but there has never been an official time of death found for the socialite.

Thomas Cohen explained that his late wife was recovering from addiction. It now seems like she was hiding heroin in the house and secretly using it. After saying that her weekly drugs tests were negative, her husband now believes that she was lying to him. It shows just how serious the addiction was for her to feel the need to hide the drugs test and put her life at risk.

Her death mirrors that of her mother’s in 2000. Yates was found dead with her four-year-old daughter in the home at the time. The knowledge that her mother died of a heroin overdose did have an effect on the writer’s mental state.

Mumsnet users took to the forum to share their anger at the socialites parenting skills. However, Morgan used Twitter to voice his own opinion, believing that Geldof’s mother should be ultimately to blame for the socialite’s early death. Yates set a very bad example for her daughters and it may be no surprise that one of them has followed in her footsteps.

Many Mumsnetters, a parenting website in the U.K., called the socialite a hypocrite. Geldof would often talk about parenting techniques and how to be a good parent, but it was something she could not even do herself. Users argued that a good parent would never take drugs around their children and certainly not while alone with a toddler who would need constant attention and care.

One user even questioned whether the talks about co-sleeping and attachment parenting were just a way for her to gain a second career. Many in the U.K. will remember the debate on This Morning with Katie Hopkins, who is completely against co-sleeping and attachment parenting. Incidentally, Hopkins seemed to hint that Yates was partially to blame for her daughter’s early death in May when writing in her column that Geldof just “needed a mother’s love.”

The thread was later removed from the site, with a message from the forum owners. It was decided that the discussion was not “in the spirit of the site.”

When Morgan blamed Yates, he was questioned by a number of Twitter users. One asked him whether he liked to blame addicts but the TV presenter pointed out that Yates was not an addict. Another user questioned whether her father should be to blame, which would make sense since he is alive and would have been able to help get his daughter on the straight and narrow. Morgan defended her father, saying that “Bob is a good man.”

There are still many questions surrounding the socialite’s death, but a heroin overdose has been ruled as the likely cause of death. While many people are attacking Geldof, Morgan blames her mother ultimately for her death.

By Alexandria Ingham


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