Peter Pan: Actors Who Played the Boy Who Never Wanted to Grow Up

Peter Pan
Peter Pan, or the boy who never wanted to grow up, has been around since the middle 1800’s. Peter has given the world the hope of finding a way to escape becoming a grown up and forgetting what it is like to have fun. Here are a few of the actors who donned the tights to bring this character to life, whether it is on stage or on the screen.

Sandy Duncan even had her stint of Peter Pan in 1979. She had her time in television, was a stage actress and an American singer. Sandy Duncan is known for her work as Sandy Hogan on the sitcom The Hogan Family. She started her career when she was twelve with the stage production of the King and I. 

Cathy Rigby a former Olympic gymnast who played in the musical production of Peter Pan in 1974 on Broadway and throughout the tour in the 1990s she reprized the role in 2008 and 2009. Cathy had her start as one of the most well-acclaimed gymnast who ever graced the stage. Prior to her work as Peter, she had become an audience favorite on television after she had scored the highest for an American in gymnastics.

Mary Martin was more of a Broadway actress, however her career was starting to turn bad. Peter Pan was her way of trying to preserve her stage career. The production was first done in 1954 and it had been performed several more times for recordings on NBC television, and later revisited for RCA’s compatible color in 1955, 1956 and 1960. Martin did not enjoy making theatrical films but appeared to enjoy appearing on television.

Bobby Driscoll a teen who was one of the models and the voice of Peter Pan made by Walt Disney. The making of the film took from 1949 to the middle of 1951.  Driscoll began his work for Disney in 1943. His prior work to Peter Pan came from his appearances in Song of the South and Treasure Island. Though Peter Pan was not live action and it was cartoon based, he was still a model for Peter’s close up shots.

Blayne Weaver was another man who only was to lend his voice to the character that is Peter Pan in the 2002 Disney film Return to Never Land.  The boy who never wanted to grow up, Peter Pan, returns with a new story and new leading lady. Prior to this film, he was given a chance to be Peter’s voice in a movie also for Disney, Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.

There is one more actor to mention, none other than Robin Williams. He dons the tights and plays Peter Pan in the 1991 movie Hook. In this tale, Peter has grown up, even though he never wanted to. He is now thirty years old, has a loving wife and two children. He has lost that innocence of his childhood. Until Captain Hook arrives and kidnaps his children. He must return to Neverland and learn what it means to be the “Pan” once more.

Here are a few actors to don the tights and be the boy who never wanted to grow up, Peter Pan. There is talk of another making of Peter Pan on NBC with Christopher Walken playing Captain Hook. There is still discussion of who NBC will get a hold of to play the lead of Peter Pan.

By Nathan Sullivan


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