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Prince William

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are considering trying for another baby. They believe now is the perfect timing, especially since Prince George is finally sleeping through the night. This news dispels all the rumors that the Duchess of Cambridge is already pregnant with twins once and for all.

The royal baby is turning a year old at the end of this month, and there have already been rumors that a little brother or sister is on the way. However, the royal couple have needed the time to get used to being parents, even with a nanny to help them along the way. Kate has always said that she wanted to be a hands-on mother, despite other members of the royal family hiring professional help full-time to do the caring.

It seems the first few months were not easy for Prince William and his wife, anyway. Prince George did not sleep much because he was “permanently hungry.” Like many babies, he also suffered from colic, and it led to many ups and downs for the new parents. It is something that all new parents go through. While some will point out that there was some professional help, the couple still tried to do a lot on their own.

According to a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the infant prince did not start sleeping through the night until he started eating solid foods. They filled him up enough to avoid waking up screaming because he wanted something more.

Now that the difficult times are behind them, it seems that Prince William and his wife are considering trying for another baby. Right now could be the perfect timing as their tours around the world are finally at an end, so they have the time they need together.

Like many first-time parents, the two have had many people asking when a second is on the way. There have been a lot of blog posts lately from parents of only children getting annoyed at this line of questioning. So many still view only children as the selfish, unsociable children, and then view parents as being unfair for letting their children grow up that way. It is certainly not always the case, especially when children like Prince George are not even a year old.

Some may have believed that Kate would not want to go through pregnancy again. She had a very difficult first trimester due to severe morning sickness that put her in hospital. However, the rest of the pregnancy seemed smooth and relatively normal, leading to the belief that maybe the good outweighed the difficult beginning.

The couple has not shared the news that a sibling for the baby may be on the way soon. The news comes from those close to the royal couple, but Vanity Fair states that it is good authority and very likely a real consideration. Now that Prince George is starting to toddle around and is sleeping through the night, it would suggest that this is the perfect timing for Prince William and his wife to at least consider trying for another baby.

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