Rihanna Shows Love to Germany


The crowd at Maracana Stadium for the FIFA World Cup Finals included mega star Rihanna, as she showed her love for the German victors. During the 1-0 German victory over Argentina in extra time, everyone’s favorite pop princess tweeted out her support for the Deutschland side as they overcame the Albicelestes in a tense thriller for all in attendance. The singing sensation could hardly conceal her excitement when striker Mario Gotze nailed the extra time goal to seal the World Cup win. After the match, she partied with the winning German side to celebrate their hard-fought victory.

The 26-year-old from Barbados is a true soccer fan. She even tweeted out game commentary as the match progressed. The pop star soccer fanatic noted the Argentinian counter-attack was “sick” and that German midfielder Thomas Muller always put himself in the “right position” to push the Deutschland team’s advances. Wearing a German team jersey, Rihanna was not trying to play both sides of the fence as she cheered on her European favorites.

The FIFA World Cup Finals yesterday was a magnet for heads of state and all manner of luminaries from the realms of sports and entertainment. The heads of state included German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Even Cleveland’s NBA free agent prize LeBron James made his way to Rio to experience the event. Rihanna was spotted spending a portion of the match seated next to Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Other actors seen at the stadium included Daniel Craig of James Bond fame and Ashton Kutcher. Standout musical artists also in attendance were Shakira and Wyclef Jean.

After Rihanna arrived in Rio de Janeiro she was able to spend some time getting acquainted with Brazilian soccer legend Pele. She even posted some photos of herself with the iconic player as both readied to watch the final game of the tournament. Rihanna not only showed her love for Germany, throughout the tournament she threw her support to Brazil and Colombia as well. She took a special liking to Colombia’s breakout star James Rodriguez, who ended up snagging the Golden Boot award after Muller failed to score in the final game.

The Grammy award-winning singer signaled her enthusiasm for Germany’s game winning goal as only she can. The mega star flashed the crowed, revealing a dark leather bra under her Deutschland jersey. She could not contain herself when her favorite side moved into the lead in extra time.

After the match, Rihanna celebrated with the tired but delirious German team. She was able to cozy up to her Super Mario hero for some photos. Rihanna appeared almost as happy as the exhausted victors as they exalted their triumph.  The singer even broke FIFA protocol by touching and kissing the trophy, which is reserved for heads of state and winning club members.

The victory for Germany yesterday will no doubt kick off numerous celebrations in their homeland. Rihanna had to be pleased she was able to show her love to the German side before they depart Brazil for their happy journey back home. The tense match was an exciting event for all in attendance, including the Grammy winning pop sensation.

By William Costolo

Daily Mail

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