Rising Star on ABC Auditions Night Three (Review & Videos)

Rising Star on ABC Auditions Night Three (Review & Videos)

On Rising Star on ABC tonight is the third night of auditions, the final auditions episode before the competitors who have made it will sing head-to-head in Duel Rounds beginning next Sunday. Host Josh Groban and the cast of three experts, Ludacris, Kesha, and Brad Paisley, join together to form one of the best casts of a TV reality show ever. However, it is the votes of America that really count, as the competitors must get 70 percent of the votes of viewers at home in America or better to progress on.

The first person to perform, Dana Williams, 24, tells a little bit about her background, including mentioning that her dad passed away following a stroke. She will be singing Stay. She has an AMAZING voice, and the audience cheers for her at various points as she sings. She gets Kesha and Ludacris to add their votes, then Brad Paisley adds his to the amount. Dana winds up with 87 percent in total, easily getting over the 70 percent she needed to go on.

Ludacris said “I know what it’s like to lose a father.” He walked over andgave her a big hug.

Kesha: “I honestly think you have what it takes to win the competition. You’re amazing.”

Brad said “I think you’re fantastic and know what you want. It’s as good as it gets.”

Then, a group called Unselfish tries out for the audition night. They live together, sleep together, and work together. They also harmonize very well together. It will be difficult for them to move on, though, as so far, no duos or trios have moved on. They are a quartet. Unselfish sings Some Nights, rocking it out.

They do an great job with this song, eliciting cheers and clapping from the audience as they sing. However, Brad Paisley is less than thrilled, and votes no for them. Then, Ludacris also votes no. They only end up getting 46 percent of the votes they needed.

Kesha said “I really liked you guys. I think you have something.”

L:udacris said that “Some of your harmonies were really on, but some were really off.”

Brad said “You guys, quite frankly, need a lot of owrk — so, get off and do it.’

Then, Rising Star went to its first commercial break of the night.

Jesse said that “at the end of tonight’s show, we’ll tell you all about how the Duels will work.” He then introduced the next competitor, Cliff Cody, 39, who says that on his farm, they have two goats, Macklemore and Lewis. He is married and has two daughters.

Cliff sings I’m Going to Be Somebody. He does a fantastic job with this song. The audience claps along right from the start of the song. Cliff gets Brad’s vote, but not that of Ludacris. He only gets 49 percent of the total votes he needs. America is being pretty tough tonight with their votes.

Brad said “I really think you chose the wrong song.” He voted for him because he thought that Cliff has a “lot of potential.”

Kesha said “It was a little pitchy,” but added “Keep going on with your dream.”

When Rising Star on ABC came back from another commercial break on the third night of auditions, Josh asked Kesha “How can viewers join your ‘cat cult’?” She says that she does have a cat cult, and used to have an actual tail. Josh said that if anyone is interested in joining the cat cult, they can hashtag it, as well as hashtagging Rising Star and suggesting songs for the performers to sing in later rounds.

Audrey Kate Geiger sings Stay With Me next on Rising Star. She says that her dad used to sing in a band. In rehearsals, Josh told her that “You have to throw it off the freakin’ balcony.”

Audrey has an INCREDIBLE voice! She gets the votes of Bra and, Kesha, getting to 84 percent of the total votes, so she will be moving on.

Ludacris said “Your voice was hauntingly beautiful and unique.”

Brad agree, saying “To me, you’ve got this soulful thing. You don’t sound like anyone else. Be unbridled.”

Kesha said “Everybody in America thinks you’re a babe. Really be yourself.”

Josh says that OhMG will be up next on Rising Star; then, the show went to yet another commercial break.

After the break on the third night of auditions on Rising Star on ABC, Josh said that there will be six more performers tonight. OhMG is a duo and they will perform first. OhMG sings Lights. Brad and Ludacris vote no for them, though they get Kesha’s vote. OhMG only gets 33 percent of the votes they needed.

Kesha said “I really liked your voice; though there were some runs you didn’t make.”

Brad said “So far, there have been no duos to get through. I just don’t think you have what it takes.”

Ludacris says “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” He said that he did not think that the male singer was as good as the female one, so he voted no.

Josh Groban said that Kesha’s “Cat Cult” is now a trending topic on Twitter. Then, he introduced the next person to perform, Gabrielle Nicole, 20, who says that she is a diva. She began singing in church. “This is a Wall that is going to change your entire life,” she adds.

The song she sings is My Man. She gets a ton of votes fast, including those of all three of the experts, as she KILLS this song! Her family members there are standing for the entire song. Gabrielle NAILS this song, ending up with 90 percent of the votes, the highest of the evening so far!

Josh tells her that “Barbara Streisand would have really been proud of that performance.”

Ludacris said “I have a rep as being a tough judge, but if everyone was like her, I wouldn’t be a tough judge.”

Brad Paisley said “You are RIDICULOUS!”

Kesha agreed, saying “You said that divas don’t do mediocre, and that was so far from mediocre, holy hell!”

Josh said that “Brad Paisley will be performing his new single right after break.”

When Rising Star came back from break, Brad Paisley sang Riverbank from his upcoming album Moonshine in the Trunk. Ludacris even wore a white cowboy hat for the occasion, which was kind of cool.

It was a pretty cool song. Brad had the audience into the song and clapping right from the start. He played the electric guitar as he sang, showing he has some great chops as a guitar player, as well as being one of today’s best male country singers around. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Karen Hornsby, 36, will be the next performer, She relates how her daughter, Gabby, was diagnosed with brain cancer and has had several operations, leaving her blind and unable to speak. When she hears her mother sing, she stands up and claps.

Karen sings To Love You More. The audience cheers and applauds as she sings. It is a very touching performance. It is easy to tell she is singing her heart out with this song. Karen gets 82 percent of the total votes! Her husband comes on stage to give her a big hug.

Brad said “I was the last to vote yes. I cannot even imagine being you at this moment. They were screaming so loud for you. In that sense, that meant almost as much to me as anything.”

Kesha said “You’re such a good mom. I just voted because I love you.”

Ludacris said “This is Independence Day weekend! It’s freedom right now!”

“Up next,” Josh says, “are triplets who used to dance topless for money.”

They are brothers, triplets that call themselves TX3. They are from Chester, Illinois. In high school, they were in swing choirs and dance groups. In California, they found odd jobs, including singing shirtless on the street.

They sing Keep Your Head Up. They harmonize fairly well together, but Brad votes no, as does Ludacris. They get a very lukewarm response from America. Kesha voted for them, though. They only got 22 percent of the votes they needed, so they will not be moving on. Kesha asks them to take their shirts off, but they do not fulfill her request.

Ludacris said “You definitely need some work.”

Brad said “You got the only vote that counted. Work on your harmonies.”

Back from another break, Josh talks to the competitors and asks them how they fell about facing each other next Sunday. The first person says that all of the competitors are good, while the second one says that all of the others better be afraid of going against her.

Skye Griffin, 26, is up next. She says that she was taken from her mother, who has battled with a drug addiction. She has now turned her life around, though, starting up a drug program to help other women.

Josh tells her she is adding too many runs, and is taking away from her overall ability to sing, rather than helping it. Skye sings Only Girl In the World. She does a FANTASTIC job singing this song, though she is not lighting up the Wall very quickly. She gets Kesha’s vote, but Brad and Ludacris vote no for her. She only gets 28 percent of the votes she needs.

Ludacris said “I liked the energy, it’s something that can be worked on.”

Kesha said “I think you have it in you and that’s why I voted yes. You’re a hot lady — I saw where it needed work, but you also brought it.”

Brad said “I think it comes done to you chose the wrong song. Maybe with a different song and different presentation, you would have had my vote.”

Josh says that up next will be the final singer of the night, one of the youngest that has been on Rising Star so far.

Josh said that the contestants will be mentored by each of the three experts. The winner will get a recording deal with Capitol Records. Ludacris said that he paid to have his own record recorded, selling over 50,000 on his own private label. He got the attention of Def Jams then, who signed him.

Morgan Higgins, 17, is the final performer of the night on Rising Star. she says that her dad plays piano and her mother sings. She is a junior in high school. Josh asks her “What’s school life like for you?”

Morgan answers “Sports and singing.” She wants America to see her for herself. The song that Morgan sings is Alone. She has a very powerful soaring voice. Kesha votes yes for her. She got a lot of votes at the end, getting 79 percent eventually, enough to move on.

Brad said “I think you’re beautiful and fantastic. I really think that more confidence from the beginning and I would have voted for you.”

Kesha tells her “I really, really relate to you. I really believe in you.”

Ludacris voted for her, saying “I’m looking for that intangible something that pushes you to the next level.

Next week, the head-to-head deals will begin. There will be three matches. one of them will be Jesse Kinch going head-to-head against Will Roth. At the end of Rising Star, it was announced that “One will go home.” It was a little unclear if one of each pair would be going home, or just one of the singers will be leaving.

This was the third and final night of auditions on Rising Star on ABC. While there were some pretty good singers on this episode, there were others who America did not think were all that great. One of the highlights was Gabrielle Nicole singing My Man. She got 90 percent of the votes, the highest of the night. Other singers who did very well were Morgan Higgins, Karen Hornsby, Audrey Kate Geiger and Dana Williams. Next week, the head-to-head Duel Rounds will start to really heat the competition up, as Rising Star enters into a new phase of the season.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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