Rising Star on ABC Duel Rounds Night #3 [Review & Videos]

Rising Star

Tonight on Rising Star on ABC, it is the third and final night of the Duel Rounds. Next week, the remaining 13 contestants will perform, with five going home. Four Duel Rounds will happen tonight. The performers tossed a coin to determine which one in each pair will go first.

Morgan Higgins, 17,  will be the first competitor to perform tonight. She will be going against her friend, Maneepat Molloy. Kesha said “you need to come out and own the stage.”

She will be singing Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory. She does a great job, though Ludacris voted “no.” The audience clapped along right from the beginning. She just got 49 percent of the votes of America, which will probably put her at a disadvantage in this head-to-head duel..

Brad, who voted yes, said “You had me with your performance. You gave it everything you had.”

Ludacris said that she “killed it” with the higher notes, but that “in the lower registers, you need more work.”

Kesha said she liked Morgan’s performance and stated “I saw conviction in your singing.”

Maneepat Molloy will be singing Gravity. When people have told her to give up in the past, she said “it really breaks my heart.”

Kesha told her “Loosen up and get into it.”

Maneepat did an awesome job, She got Ludacris to vote for her and Brad, and easily shot up to the Rising Star level of the Duel Rounds. She wound up with 66 percent to win the first of the Duel Rounds.

Josh said “Kesha was tearing up as you sang.”

Kesha said “Don’t stop singing after this because your voice is incredible.”

Brad said he voted “no” because he heard “a lot of pitchiness.”  There was not time enough to hear a comment from Ludacris.

After a commercial break, the second duo of the evening on Rising Star on ABC that will duel will be Shameia Crawford going head-to-head against the quartet Unselfish. Shameia will be going first. She was saved by the votes of the West Coast in a past episode.

Shameia sang Cry Me a River. She has a powerful voice and Ludacris and Brad voted for her right off the bat. Kesha quickly added her votes. Shameia knocked this song out of the park! She wound up with 70 percent of the votes of America. She and her husband did the arrangement of the song.

Ludacris said “I feel like you nailed it! Damn good performance!”

Kesha said “You really set the bar high!”

Brad said that he agreed with compliments of two people who tweeted in, and he added that he liked how she was dressed.

Next up, Unselfish went against Shameia. First, they talked about tips that the Experts gave them. They have to be “one voice, one sound” as Ludacris puts it. They have their work cut out for them to try to beat Shameia.

Unselfish sang Payphone. They had the audience clapping right from the start of the song. They sounded pretty good together, but Ludacris voted “no,” followed by Brad Paisley. They just got 33 percent of America’s votes, not enough to beat Shameia’s 70 percent.

Kesha voted “yes” but told them “That was not your best performance. I just didn’t want to crush you.”

Ludacris said “I’m not a dream crusher, either, but you guys just need to work on it more.”

There was no time for Brad Paisley to give his comments, as Rising Star on ABC is just an hour long during the Duel Rounds phase of the season. A lot of great singing is being packed into the hour, but it seems to be flying by fairly quickly.

Josh Groban said “Next week, there will be a lot of sweating and tears probably. kind of like Brad Paisley on Tinder.” There probably will be a lot of sweating and tears, as five of the remaining contestants left on Rising Star on ABC will be sent home by the end of the episode.

Dana Williams, 25, will be singing first in this Duel Round and will accompany herself on the guitar. She said to Ludacris “I sing kind of soul and folk.” She will be singing Will I still Love You Tomorrow. She immediately got Kesha’s vote. She did an AWESOME job, ending with 67 percent of America’s votes.

Brad voted “no.” He said that he felt like she “was rehearsing as opposed to performing.”

Kesha said “You are one of my favorite performers of any on the show.” She totally disagreed with Brad. There was not time for Ludacris to tell what he felt about the performance.

Audrey Kate Geiger will perform next. She said that “My dad quite his dream of becoming an artist and he doesn’t want me to do that.”

She will be starting out acapella. The song she sang was Make You Feel My Love. She has a beautiful voice! The audience cheered right from the start. Ludacris voted “yes” for her and she was AWESOME! She got 88 percent of the votes of America.

Ludacris said “I loved it that you took a risk and sang acapella.”

Brad said “That’s the kind of voice that I signed up for.” There was not time to hear Kesha’s comments. When Rising Star returns, it will be the final duel of the Duel Rounds and the night.

Karen Hornsby will be singing first in the fourth and final head-to-head Duel Round of Rising Star on ABC. It will be the first time that her daughter, Gabby, who is blind, has heard her sing since she has been on Rising Star. She will be singing (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman. She NAILS this song!

Kesha votes “yes” for her, as does Ludacris and Brad Paisley. She ended up with 67 percent of America’s votes.

Kesha said “I am so proud of you! That was so phenomenal!”

Brad said “I think you are the most inspiring performer on the show.”

Ludacris said “That was wonderful.”

Joshua Peavey will be going head-to-head against Karen. “It was immediately heartbreaking” he said when he heard that he was going up against Karen Hornsby. He will be singing Life is a Highway, he tells the Experts — however, they disagree when they hear him singing a different song.

He will be singing Too Close. He ROCKS IT OUT! Right from the start, his growling, gruff voice and his bad self OWNED this song! Ludacris voted “yes.” He got 75 percent of America’s votes, easily beating Karen.

Josh said “You both should be unbelievably proud of your performances.”

Ludacris told Karen “I know you are going to be saved by the West Coast.”

Kesha said “I didn’t want Karen to go home. I’m sorry; that’s the truth!” She was explaining why she did not vote “yes.”

Joshua Peavey NAILED the song Too Close and he will be moving on. Karen Hornsby did a pretty good job, too, though; perhaps Ludacris is right and the votes of the West Coast will save her.

“Next week, all 13 performers will take the stage in an all-out Battle Royale,” according to the voice over announcer. It should be a great episode of Rising Star, but it will be sad seeing five performers going home. That ended tonight’s episode of Rising Star on ABC.

The third and last night of the Duel Rounds on Rising Star on ABC was a great, but fast-paced, episode. The four winners, Maneepat Molloy, Shameia, Audrey Kate Geiger and Joshua Peavey, gave amazing performances and definitely deserve to be moving on. Perhaps the two best performances of the four were Geiger’s version of Feel My Love, that earned her a high for the night of 88 percent of America’s votes and Joshua Peavey’s performance of Too Close. Maneepat Molloy and Shameia Crawford also gave great performances, though, so any of them might also do well next Sunday and move on. Stay tuned next week to ABC to find out which five will get sent home on Rising Star and which eight will be moving on!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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