Sharknado 2 May Put You in the Clutches of The Asylum

Sharknado 2 May Put You in the Clutches of The Asylum Sharknado 2 is about to debut on the SyFy channel and scare the living daylights out of you. Then again, you know it is all fake and just a figment of someone’s imagination. Still, the awesome nature of sharks have captured audiences for decades. Real footage from The Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Series and Jacques Cousteau’s adventures always have had animal lovers and dare devils at heart with their realistic footage, up close and personal films on deserts, forests and in the ocean.

For the time, it was amazing stuff on television, but once a certain movie hit the charts, the game was changed forever. In the mid seventies, movies and more realistic television took over. In the summer of 1975, Jaws made its impact on audiences and Steven Spielberg’s creativity and portrayal of a great white shark was both frightening and scared regular beach bums back into their huts. For some reason, real shark attacks increased or were reported more often since the fictional account was aired in theatres.

It is true that sharks can attack along the coastal waters of the U.S. and other countries. Unfortunate circumstances have happened while swimming in oceans, with deaths, disfigurements and missing persons reported. The hype, maybe, has been somewhat out of proportion just because of the number of shark shows that have aired in the last 35 years.

Following the Jaws series, a number of films were produced both as documentaries and spoofs of the original movie. A spawn of super charged sharks have somehow entered the waters with new powers to overcome the human population. The variety of real shark tales mixed with fictional stories have brought most people to the edge of their seats in wonder and suspense.

The Discovery Channel has been showing a series of shark related films to promote their Shark Week hoopla in the late Sharknado 2 May Put you int the Clutches of The Asylumsummer months in most areas. Featured films and tie-ins to other shark movies have become a yearly tradition. Sitting comfortably at home away from the ocean, it all is a thrill to take in. Sharknado 2 is sure to capture the attention of thrill seekers, even with the knowledge that the whole movie is fake. Sharknado 2, starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering is sure to evoke emotions and fears about the shark that one day could attack a huge city!

Sharknado 2 May Put You in the Clutches of The AsylumIn the meantime, The Asylum is close at hand. The producer of low budget films that may echo blockbuster movies, the company is doing well and staying afloat. The craziness depicted in B-rated movies is both amusing and perplexing. The Asylum movie production is a regular installment on the SyFy channel with various films. From Horror, Paranormal, Science-Fiction, Drama and Fantasy, they show it all.

Sharknado depicted a haunting tale last year in Los Angeles and is returning once again to cause fear among New York City residents. Written and directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, the film returns again this year with a new twist and terror in the form of a shark with cameos of Kelly Ripa, Michael Strahan, Al Roker and Matt Lauer.

The Asylum has been a mainstay of videos over the years. Often borrowing from well known themes of blockbuster movies, the low budget studio is run by David Latt, David Rimawi and Paul Bales and is raking it in with DVD’s and VOD sales. They have learned to produce movies in half the time with half the cost by using computer generated imagery. CGI and special effects only mastered in a studio can save a ton of money and get a film out audiences quickly. People may be lining up to enter an asylum after viewing such films as Sharknado 2 and other offshoots of featured films having to do with sharks, the paranormal or any odd event.

So many films have entered the market with sharks after the success of Jaws. Sometimes they are true documentaries or just hilarious spoofs. It is always worth the time the time to enjoy. It often ends up being a quasi-normal event that ‘could happen’ but probably will not if we stay secured in our own little cubby holes.

Sharknado 2 May Put You in the Clutches of The AsylumTim Abell, an actor on many fronts has done numerous films depicting real and imagined events. From a soldier to deep sea diver to seaman skipper, the versatile actor is not picky. He simply loves to act and become the character that is calling his name. So believable in every role, Abell has done it all. Another shark film featured him as Skipper Chuck in Super Shark.

Super Shark was a true delight for the dedicated shark fan. After an oil drilling mishap,  a shark grows to a supersize terror and is able to fly and walk. Also starring John Schneider, this shark fantasy is hugely entertaining.

The Asylum was absent on this little flick, but quickly grabbed Abell for a role in Mercenaries which is to be released in the next month or so. Abell seems to have an underwater image as he also stars in Georgia Hilton’s Subconscious, set to enter theatres this fall.

The Asylum has much to offer and will hold you in the of awe and intrigue with Sharknado 2. Their close relatives and cousins also much deserve to be in the queue of viewing. The Asylum will have you hooked in no time. Mercenaries, also starring Abell, will be out on August 5 and by that time all humanity will be fending for themselves. Whether or not we will still have a choice in the movies that may grace our paths, we be always be able to  just have fun with the fantasy of being between the real and weird of life. The Asylum movies are waiting.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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