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Shia LaBeouf Not Going to Rehab After All


Shia LaBeouf

It turns out that former child star Shia LaBeouf is not going to rehab after all. However, he is still getting help for his drinking problem. He is opting for other forms of treatments, but some argue that it may not be enough.

The 28-year-old did go to a rehab facility, which sparked rumors that he was checking in. However, it turned out that he was seeking outpatient help to deal with his alcohol addiction, according to his publicist Melissa Kates. The problem is the Transformers actor has sought outpatient help in the past by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

The good news is LaBeouf has admitted that there is a deeper problem. This new treatment will hopefully help him get the help that he needs to deal with them. It comes after his most recent arrest for causing problems on New York’s Broadway. He was arrested for being drunk and causing a disturbance, and will appear in court on July 24.

While he is now taking the first steps to recover, it may be too little too late. The actor has caused a number of problems over the years, including facing various charges, because of his addiction. Just this past year he has acted out in ways that have made many question his sanity. One of those incidents included standing on the red carpet with a paper bag on his head that read “I am no famous anymore.”

His actions have arguable been cries for help, and now Labeouf is not going to rehab after all. There are worries that the outpatient treatment will not be enough.

The benefit of inpatient treatment is that it is all done within a safe space. The initial parts are conducted while he is away from the temptation, so he can get over the first few steps. Once he has learned the tools to deal with situations, he can then go out and put the tools into action. When doing the outpatient treatment he will constantly be around alcohol and people who will tempt him.

Of course, inpatient treatment is not perfect. There are plenty of stars who have received treatment in rehab and then fallen off the wagon. One of those stars notorious for that is Lindsay Lohan, who completed her sixth stint in rehab in November. It is possible that LaBeouf does not want to be viewed in the same light as the Freaky Friday actress.

The recent legal issues are misdemeanours, which is good news for the star. He will not likely receive a harsh sentence, and will probably not face jail time. It has just been an eye-opener for him as he realizes that every run-in with the law that he has had has been due to alcohol.

Hopefully, the outpatient treatment will be enough for the Transformers actor. He is clearly acknowledging there is a problem, and is opting for a step above Alcoholics Anonymous. It could be a sign that he seriously wants to save his career. However, it is not quite rehab for LaBeouf after all, and it may not be enough.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham