Conservatives Smell Blood in the Water as President Flounders


Top Conservatives on Twitter, otherwise known as TCOTs and tweeting with a #TCOT handle, are smelling blood in the political water based on recent events surrounding President Barack Obama and his floundering administration. Conservative members of the US House of Representatives have pounded the Benghazi theme for months and are still making political hay in hearings to get to the bottom of what happened. Although the Benghazi subject is far from closed, Conservatives now have a host of other administration failures to pounce on for political and electoral gain.

Michael Patrick Leahy made a major effort to popularize the Top Conservatives on Twitter hashtag starting in 2008. His website enjoys numerous readers. The handle has caught on as prominent conservatives such as Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity use it when sending out their tweets. With political bad news piling up for the floundering President, conservatives comprising the TCOT group smell blood in the water in all directions.

The crisis in Iraq is unfolding without any clear policy directive to deal with the situation. President Obama announced that 300 US military advisors would embed themselves in the Iraqi military leadership to gather information and offer advice. Given the advances by ISIS as it gobbles up territory at a swift pace and the failure of the Iraqi army to fight back thus far, the 300 advisors will have a difficult time making any kind of meaningful difference in the outcome. By all accounts, the Obama administration is pressuring Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to form a more inclusive government, but the apparent pressure to change the government should have been an ongoing project for the last several years. The President has ruled out troops on the ground and has said he will not assist with bombing ISIS strongholds. TCOTs advocating a stronger hand in Iraq could find a groundswell of US support for doing more than the President has offered up so far.

The past week has brought a slew of unfavorable Supreme Court decisions for the President. TCOTs have trumpeted the Hobby Lobby decision allowing closely held corporations to apply for exemptions for offering certain contraceptives based on religious grounds. Likewise, the Court struck down President Obama’s NLRB recess appointments. The highest court also ruled against mandatory union contributions, which is a blow to the union friendly administration. Conservatives have always railed against the administration’s stands which they feel infringe religious liberty and those which benefit unions’ abilities to assist left leaning causes.

Perhaps the most divisive federal legislation in years has been the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Notwithstanding a much divided electorate, the President attempted to salvage the situation by saying the public would be more accepting once the program was rolled out for all to use. Unfortunately for the Obama administration, the website rollout was a debacle and became exhibit number one for TCOTs criticizing the ability of government programs to assist the citizenry.

With the recent outpouring of policy setbacks for President Obama’s floundering administration, conservatives can smell blood in the water. The President appears to be on his heels and he could be a political liability as the Democrats prepare for mid-term elections. As events unfold, the TCOTs will be ready, willing and able to blast out their twitter slams regarding the next administration misstep.

Opinion by William Costolo

TCOT Report
ABC News

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