The Big Bang Theory Delays Continue

The Big Bang TheoryThe Big Bang Theory delays continue as the show producers and big stars have still not come to an agreement. The issue came to light at the start of the month when the five main stars declared that they wanted a pay rise due to the success of the show. Negotiations have continued since then but there is still no resolution.

Up until yesterday, there was hope that the production of the filming of season eight would take place as planned. However, yesterday was supposed to be the first day of script reading. After that delay, there was some hope that Warner Brothers Television and the casts’ agents would have come to some sort of agreement. However, it is still ongoing and there are no signs that it will be over soon.

The three main cast members, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, want to see their $350,000 per episode salary increase to $1 million per episode. This would put the cast on the same level as Friends actors during their final season. The two other original cast members, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar, also want to see an increase, although not seemingly as much as the three main stars.

The Big Bang Theory delays will continue until there is an agreement. Nina Tassler, the boss at CBS, previously said that the contract negotiations were nothing to worry about. They happen every year and an agreement will happen in some way. CBS has to hope that the negotiations will come to an end in a good way considering it renewed the show for another three seasons.

Executive producer and creator of The Big Bang Theory Chuck Lorre also believes everything will work out. This is something that Warner Brothers had had to do in the past and will make sure the actors are happy.

Many fans of the show are now debating whether the actors are even worth the amount that they are asking for. Had it not been for the delay in production, there are high chances fans would not realize just how much the actors were being paid per episode. Very few knew the amount that the Friends stars were being paid until the money for the final season was announced.

Some fans—and those who are not fans—of the show believe that the actors are being greedy. However, others and even Lorre believe that the actors have the right to ask for this amount. They are the ones that make the show the way it is. While the writers have a part, it is the way the actors deliver the lines and portray the characters. Lorre believes the cast have earned it and should be rich because of it.

There are questions over whether the delay in starting production will mean a delay in the start of the season. The good news is that so far only table readings have been delayed. There is still time for negotiations to come to an end and filming to begin. Unfortunately, though, the production delays will continue until the cast of The Big Bang Theory sign their new contracts.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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